A traditional Slovene meal
A traditional Slovene meal

Ljubljana Food Tour, Ljubljana


As both the capital and largest city in Slovenia, Ljubljana overflows with top chefs and high caliber restaurants as well as a bustling market that offers locally sourced, fresh ingredients. And while it wasn't up until a few years ago that the world viewed Slovenian fare as "peasant food" (it's a small nation of rural farmers after all), today the country boasts a thriving food scene perfectly marrying organic ingredients with upscale heritage foods. There are 24 gastronomic regions to pull from as high mountains, fertile lowlands, and the Mediterranean intersect, not to mention inspiration gained from neighboring countries like Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia.

You'll indulge the senses as you spend four hours in the late afternoon eating and drinking your way through Ljubljana's curving cobblestone streets, visiting a selection of eateries, from traditional inns and street food stalls to bistros and contemporary restaurants.

Together with your appetite, you'll meet your guide around 4 pm and set out to sample authentic Slovenian cuisine from a variety of regions across the country, all the while immersing yourself in the city's rich history. You'll get to try air-cured hams and Žlikrofi (a ravioli-type pasta), squid and anchovies, as well as sip on wines notable to the country, like the full-bodied fruity and floral Zelen white or the world's healthiest red, Teran. Meanwhile, you'll take in a number of historic locales in the town center, some highlights of which include the Triple Bridge, Prešeren Square, Central Market, and Old Town.