Loire Valley Wine Tour & Tasting in Vouvray

Vouvray Vineyards
Explore the Loire Valley wine route and its famed vineyards, full of tradition and passion! Visit two superb estates of the Vouvray Appellation, admire the wonderful vineyard landscapes, and learn how to taste these elegant wines produced from one of the most well-known soils of the Val de Loire area.

You'll focus on Vouvray, a beautiful wine area full of passion-driven winegrowers. There, you'll meet a genuine French winemaker in his charming family-run estate. Start with a visit to the traditional vat room with hundreds of barrels.

While touring the winery, improve your knowledge regarding winemaking and, of course, wine tasting! The soil of this wine area and its main grape variety of Chenin Blanc allow elegant white wines, either dry, sweet, or sparkling. Then, head to a grand wine house situated just along the Loire River. Stroll inside its impressive troglodyte cellars dug into the hills, an important part of Loire Valley's historical heritage. Discover all the secrets of the wines from this ancient historical house, still using the méthode traditionnelle (traditional methods).

All in all, enjoy this educational and delicious afternoon in the scenic Loire Valley, where your palate will delight in intense color, fruity aromas, and minerals. You'll learn how to train your nose to identify different wine aromas, tasting wine like a pro! Before saying goodbye, share an aperitif with a stunning view. Enjoy tasty local products like cheese, rillettes (slow-cooked meat similar to pate), and fresh bread, all paired with a glass of local red wine.

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Itineraries with Loire Valley Wine Tour & Tasting in Vouvray

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