Maipo Valley Wine Experience

Another beautiful vista in Maipo Valley
The Valle de Maipo (Maipo Valley) is a rich wine-producing region in central Chile. The great thing about this hotbed of viniculture is that it lies just a few minutes from the capital of Santiago, so it's easily accessible on a day trip. This tour covers the history of wine and the almost magical art that goes into its production. The scenery adds to the experience as the vineyards are located amid fertile green valleys with the imposing Andes Mountains as a backdrop.

This experience involves visits to two prestigious wineries. Options include the Viña Cousiño Macul and Viña Undurraga, amongst others. All of these vineyards afford tasting opportunities of the best Maipo wines featuring unique bouquets and flavor profiles. The tour to the wineries covers every aspect of production, from the grape to the bottle. There's also the added bonus of pairing the samples of wines with tasty tidbits like fine cheeses.

Itineraries with Maipo Valley Wine Experience

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