Sailing Tour of the Lérins Islands

The Lérins Islands
What could be better than a pleasure cruise just offshore of the Riveria hotbed of Cannes? That's what's in store on this full-day tour of the Mediterranean coast by sailboat. The skipper's name is Pierre and he'll be making stops at the famous Lérins Islands. It's a mere 15 minutes from the coast of Cannes to Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat, the two largest of this group of four emerald islets.

The Lérins are known for their rocky beaches and nature trails leading through rich pine and eucalyptus forests. They're also an important site of cultural patrimony. On Sainte-Marguerite, for example, there's the 17th-century Fort Royal, which is most famous as having been the prison of the Man in the Iron Mask for 11 years. Today it houses a fascinating maritime museum. On Saint-Honorat, there's the expansive Lérins-Abbey, a Cistercian monastery that dates to the 11th century.

But the real order of the day is total relaxation. The boat tour will stop at different beaches which will afford ample opportunity to swim in crystalline waters. The tour culminates with a delicious lunch prepared by the skipper and is best enjoyed right on the boat. 

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