Savoy Food & Nature Tour + Cooking Class

Have a tartiflette for lunch
Discover the scenic region of Savoy, a French territory located in the Western Alps not far from Annecy. Your local guide, Quentin, will first take you to the beloved cheese cooperative in the town of Saint-Ours. The shop is an adventure in itself, as you choose and taste the cheese that you'll enjoy a little later for lunch. Quentin has lived in the area for years and will tell you everything you need to know as you tour farms, meet local farmers, and enjoy Savoy's amazing terroir (land and soil) that provides an abundance of goods. 

In the afternoon, you'll enjoy lunch at Quentin’s house, where you’ll learn how to prepare one of Savoy’s most famous dishes, a tartiflette. This hearty, savory, and traditional dish includes potatoes, regional reblochon cheese, and onions. As you eat, listen to Quentin's stories and insight about the Savoy and French Alps regions, learning about the area's pastureland, forests, and vineyards.

After lunch, Quentin will help you create your own culinary souvenirs to take home, including herbal tea and Christmas Wine.

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Itineraries with Savoy Food & Nature Tour + Cooking Class

Lyon, Annecy & Chamonix - 10 Days

This 10-day adventure combines three of France's easternmost gems starting with its capital of gastronomy: Lyon. While here, you'll explore an outstanding dining scene, visit nearby vineyards, and meet farmers and artisans. Then train to Annecy, a beautiful medieval town nicknamed the 'Venice of France'. Finish in Chamonix, next to the tallest peak in France—Mont Blanc—with opportunities to hit the trails for stunning views.

Nice, Provence, Paris & the French Alps - 14 Days

This two-week adventure covers a great deal of ground while offering a range of unique excursions that capitalize on France's culture, cuisine, and scenery. Start the trip in Nice where you'll take a cooking class and check out towns along the Mediterranean coast. Then pick up a rental car and make your way to Provence, followed by Annecy at the foot of the French Alps. This is where you'll hike for two days—while staying at a mountain hut—before finishing in Paris, the 'City of Lights'.