Viña del Mar & Valparaiso Excursion

The colorful streets of Valparaíso
About an hour and a half west of Chile's capital of Santiago lie two incredible neighboring cities: Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. These places are as different atmospherically as they are close in proximity. The first stop is Viña del Mar, an upscale coastal resort city teeming with shopping complexes, commercial high-rises, boutiques, and well-manicured gardens. The city's modern image is the result of many buildings being rebuilt after the numerous earthquakes that have hit the Chilean coast over the years. However, some early 20th-century landmarks still exist, like the Germanic Wulff Castle and the Venetian-Gothic Vergara Palace, the former home of the founder of Viña del Mar.

Next up is Valparaiso. This colorful metropolis is the artistic and bohemian soul of the country, like San Francisco reimagined by Dr. Seuss. It's filled with street art, music, and poetry. It's also a throwback to the turn of the 20th century when electric trollies coasted along the waterfront and lurching funicular elevators carried passengers to the highest points in the city. A walking tour begins at the old plazas of Sotomayor and Aníbal Pinto. After a ride in the Reina Victoria funicular, it's time to wander the hilly neighborhoods of Cerro AlegreCerro Concepción, and Cerro Florida. Everywhere in these hilly neighborhoods are sweeping views looking out over the colorful houses to the Pacific coast and the blanket of blue water running out to the horizon.

Itineraries with Viña del Mar & Valparaiso Excursion

Atacama Desert & Easter Island - 13 Days

This 13-day trip combines two bucket-list items in Chile rarely visited by tourists. Kick off with a day in Santiago before you’re jetting off again—this time to the South Pacific. Halfway between Tahiti and Chile, Easter Island is graced with white sand beaches and 600+ mysterious statues carved from volcanic rock. The second half of the trip takes place in a high-altitude desert on the mainland for sand dunes, geysers, hot springs, and starry skies—perfect for sipping Chilean wine.

Santiago, Torres del Paine, & Easter Island - 11 Days

This 11-day cultural tour of Chile begins in the metropolitan capital of Santiago. Discover the best the city has to offer on a tour that highlights markets, historic centers, and stunning urban views. Next, travel to the coastal towns of Viña del Mar and Valparaíso to take in their colorful streets and vibrant arts scene. Then, head south to Patagonia to hike through Torres del Paine National Park. Top off the adventure with a visit to Easter Island to delve into the rich, cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Chile Grand Tour - 14 Days

Outdoor adventurers rejoice because we've curated a two-week itinerary that covers the unparalleled natural beauty of Chile. First, you'll head to the far north of the country and tour the otherworldly landscapes of the Atacama Desert. Then it's off to Patagonia and Torres del Paine National Park, home to the most awe-inspiring mountains and unspoiled nature in Chile. You'll then finish the journey far in the Pacific, amid the giant stone idols of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island.

Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Beyond - 7 Days

Explore two of South America's greatest cities (and beyond) on this week-long tour. Begin with a day of exploration in Santiago de Chile, followed by wine tastings and vineyard tours in the Casablanca Valley. Visit the seaport town of Valparaiso before heading to Buenos Aires for a city tour and tango show. Finish your trip with a day in charming Tigre, a Venetian-style village filled with freshwater canals and fabulous museums.

Santiago & W Trek Adventure - 10 Days

If you're looking to explore Chilean culture and experience the rugged landscapes of Patagonia, then this itinerary is right for you. Start your adventure in the capital city of Santiago and explore the city's markets, skyscrapers, and parks. Next, head to the coast to experience the vibrant and colorful cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. Then, venture south to Patagonia for a visit to Torres del Paine National Park - one of the most beautiful protected areas in the world. Here, you'll head out on a 4-day version of the famed "W" circuit trek to take in the stunning beauty of Patagonia on foot.

Adventure in Santiago & Torres del Paine National Park - 10 Days

Begin your journey in the metropolitan capital city of Santiago. Learn all about Chilean culture during your city tour and wine tasting, followed by a visit to the vibrant port cities of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. Next, head south to Patagonia and walk with Magellanic penguins on Isla Magdalena. Top it all off with a trip to Torres del Paine National Park. Here you'll be treated to breathtaking views of vast grasslands, glaciers, forests, and more. You'll even have the opportunity to hike to the base of the park's iconic towers.

Santiago & Patagonia Exploration - 13 Days

Few other places in the world can compete with the wild, jagged mountains and enormous panoramas of Patagonia. With this 13-day adventure, you’ll get the best of the region—in both countries— starting with Chilean Patagonia. Here you'll partake in the famed 'W' trek—a multi-day hike that covers the furthest reaches of Torres del Paine. Then bus over to Argentine Patagonia for ancient glaciers and the iconic Mt. Fitz Roy. Kick off the adventure in Chile's capital for a dose of big-city culture.

Patagonia Trekking & Vineyards -12 Days

Ever dreamed of embarking on an unforgettable mountain trek in Patagonia? Then this active 12-day itinerary is perfect for you. The journey begins with a tour of Santiago and the port city of Valparaiso, with a delicious wine tour in between. Then you'll head south to Patagonia and arrive at one of the greatest trekking sites in the world: Torres del Paine National park. Here you'll embark on the iconic W Trek, and spend five adventure-filled days amid the park's lakes, valleys, and glaciers. By the end of this excursion, you'll truly be able to say you did Patagonia right.