Winter Sunset Hike & Overnight in Trolltunga

Photo from Trolltunga Active
Experience the thrill of hiking one of Norway's most famous routes during the quiet winter season and while sleeping in a secluded dome. The Sunset/Sunrise Dome offers comfortable facilities and a see-through ceiling, perfect for stargazing at night. You'll start with a snowshoe hike to your camp, following a steep and challenging route with cliffside views out across Lake Ringedalsvatnet.

Eventually, you'll reach the dome, purposely set away from the main trail for a quiet and off-the-beaten-path experience. In the evening, enjoy the sunset around "Troll's Tongue," a long rock jutting out from a cliff at nearly 2,300 feet (700 m). If you’re feeling brave and the conditions allow, take a few photos while standing out on the rock!

After sunset, you’ll return to the dome for dinner. Your meal includes beautiful scenery, entertainment, and comfy apparel to get the most out of the Norwegian mountains. In the morning, wake up early with fresh coffee and breakfast. Enjoy the vibrant colors and views of Trolltunga at sunrise before following your guides back down the trail.

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