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Joseph Thuo

Born and raised in Kenya, in the land of the Maasai (Narok), I started traveling extensively around the country back in College, exploring unique destinations and cultural experiences one after another. This helped me to build genuine connections with local communities and I realized how powerful these local interactions are in enriching the overall travel experience. For this reason, I really like working with people coming from all over the world and sharing each other’s background. I make it a point to connect guests to local communities to share stories and meaningful connections. Get ready to be greeted by genuine smiles, open arms, and world-class hospitality. Let me help you to choose the best destinations, immerse in rich cultures, meet the warmest people, share stories and genuine connections, and eat the best foods and cuisines that East Africa has to offer. In short - I cannot wait to bring you to this beautiful piece of earth as close as possible to your personal wishes and I look forward to being able to participate in your travel planning.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"All of East Africa from wildlife safari, mountain climbing, beach holidays, cultural safaris, honeymoons, biking, trekking and everything in between. Whether you are looking for luxury, adventure, history, or any combination thereof, we can put together the perfect itinerary for you. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I was super attached to my Cousin who was more like a big brother to me when I was young. Anything he did, I did, and anywhere he went, best believe, I would do everything possible to be there. In 2008, Mum was making arrangements for a family holiday to the Kenyan Coast. And since we used to live with my cousin, she asked him if he wanted to go and he simply answered “No” without a second thought. OMG I couldn’t believe it. It was my turn in the hot seat. “Joseph, would you like to come?” I could only manage to move my head from side to side which Mum took as a No. I truly wanted to go but sided with my Cousin. Not that he asked me to. I cried and begged to join them when the day finally arrived. Mum explained that it was impossible as plans were already made. I hugged her tightly and said goodbye.

They returned, and kept reminding me of how their holiday was. I told myself that whenever the opportunity to travel presents itself to me, I won’t turn it down. Though I didn’t have any real travel experience, I did the next holiday by myself, camping at the shores of Lake Naivasha. I found it easy to break with routine, meet new people, try different foods, see other landscapes and explore different cultures. Travelling solo is sink or swim, and you have to learn how to survive — who to trust, how to make friends and how to find your way around alone. With all the experiences as a Solo traveler I discovered my passion for traveling and I love helping others find their perfect journey.

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Oh, several. But one of my unforgettable experiences was when I decided to return to Aberdare as a Solo traveler for hiking and decided to camp before I would hike. As soon as it got dark and I was falling asleep my tent became covered with hundreds of rats. They were everywhere, climbing up my ropes and over the top of the tent. I shook as many as I could off and started a fire and stayed up all night hoping they wouldn't return. They seemed to be gone so the next night I stayed in the same place thinking they had moved on to another dump or something but no, again as it got dark they all returned bringing some of their friends as it seemed there was more than ever now. I again shook them off the tent and got a fire going.

When morning came, I decided to pack up my tent and head for a new place far from those rats. As I was walking down the trails wondering if I should return to another camping spot where we had been previously, there on the trail near to that place was a dead wild dog which had crawled out from the forest only a few feet from where we had been camping a few months previously. I decided my Aberdares hiking/camping adventure was not meant to be and headed back home."

A group of feeding zebras in Serengeti National Park
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Elephant sightings in Masai Mara National Park
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