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Sangita Bajracharya

I feel blessed to born in Kathmandu- the city of temples. From my childhood, I wanted to visit new places and that’s what I am doing now visiting new places whenever I get free time. I always select the place which we could take people for holiday. At the same time, I try to meet and talk with locals so this help to know about their lifestyle and at the same time if there is a chance I could support by generating any job opportunities for them. I always try to organize local trips that give the travelers unique opportunity to experience the authentic Nepali culture as well as have a close glance at the local lifestyle and people.

To interact with the people from all around the world has always been my passion. To be tourism entrepreneur of Nepal, has create that bridge where I can help people to create great travel memories to cherish for a lifetime.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We are specialized in all kinds of tours and treks around Nepal. We have varieties of customized trip as per the location:

Kathmandu- melting pot. Full of culture and heritages (nature and cultural). We are specialized in Festival tours where traveler can observe / participate in the festival with local host family. As we have lots of family members who are in handicraft business: we also lead trips where people could meet all these craftsman from Gem to gold. Also we have many local trips such as organic farm tour where traveler can get closer to farming techniques in Nepal and involve themselves in this unique tour.
Mountain: we are promoting off the beaten treks.

Spiritual focused trips: we also promoting trips where travelers to go and learn or enjoy mind & body healing or massage and yoga and meditation."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I was born and grown up in Ason, old market of Kathmandu. I use to see and meet lots of travelers while I am going to school or walking around my home which I found really interesting and now and then I use to talk with them. Most of them are for nature, people and culture (that’s my tag line for agency also). While as we all know Nepal is rich in nature and as I am Newar (major ethnic group of Kathmandu), we are rich in terms of culture. So certainly there are so much to share and learn with the travel industry. In another hand , I always had dream to connect with people from around the world that will give me opportunity to share my ideas and experiences as well as I love talking and listening to travels stories.That is another reason to get involved deeply in travel field. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"In 2015 I went to Singapore and Malaysia for holiday and during the trip, our friends (who have traveled with us before) were so generous that they took us around for tour which made my trip much easy and got to explore best places around . This eye opening experience made me felt exactly how travelers will feel when they travel with us. "

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