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Sharon Buma-Wertheimer

"Travel has always been a huge part of my life. I've been fortunate to explore countless amazing places worldwide, near and far, for various purposes, whether solo, with loved ones, or with friends. Having visited 47 countries (yes, keeping track!), my travel wishlist remains abundant. Traveling inspires and challenges me, it helps me stay grounded and makes me realize how small I am in this big world. But most importantly, it has taught me to embrace new adventures as they come my way. I'm passionate about passing on this love for travel to my kids. I want them to grow up as curious and adventurous travelers and to understand that there's so much to learn outside the four walls of their classrooms. Every trip we take together will create special memories we'll cherish forever!"

How did you get involved in travel?

""Growing up as a Dutchie, travel was a big part of my life. Europe's short distances allowed family ski trips to Switzerland and summer holidays in Southern Europe. My wanderlust exploded as a student, leading to countless adventurous trips. Some were vacations, others for sports competitions (e.g., marathons in New York and Greenland, cross-country ski race in Sweden, swimming the Bosphorus river in Turkey, triathlon in Monaco, etc.). A few were for charity (Philippines, Eastern Europe), and some involved living abroad for a few months (London, Shanghai).""

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

""Can't decide! * India: Varanasi's profound sights of Hindu cremations on the Ganges River, followed by Rajasthan's palaces where my husband proposed. * Namibia: A car crash in the desert led to an encounter with a South African family who took us to their remote Botswana lodge by helicopter. * Colombia: An adventurous trek to Ciudad Perdida, spending nights in hammocks amidst the jungle. * Borneo: A stay with a lovely local family, but restless nights due to the pungent durian fruit in their kitchen. * Tibet: Mesmerizing wild camping under a sky full of stars, surprised by local kids dancing around our tent in the morning. * St. Vincent & The Grenadines: Three weeks on a catamaran, discovering the beauty of the ocean and island life. * The Philippines: Leading a disaster relief team on Panay Island after typhoon Haiyan - an impactful and life-changing experience. * And the memorable trips with my kids, closer to home but equally treasured!""