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Dunes & Beyond

D&B was launched in 2011 as Egypt’s premier travel company specializing in luxury desert safaris. D&B Chairman Sherif Khalil founded the company after spending 11 years in Luxury Tourism Field with one of the world’s most prestigious tour operators, dealing with international VIPs and organizing high end journeys and events.

Shortly after the launch, D&B introduced the concept of Glamping’ in luxury camps as a pioneer in this field at the Egyptian Western Desert.

Building on this, D&B expanded and had more branches in Egypt to provide Signature Style of travel in the whole Country. In 2015 D&B added more countries to offer luxury trips in more and more destinations.

At D&B we are determined to fill the gaps left by other travel companies and provide a high quality service for discerning travelers. We concentrate on quality rather than quantity and our highly trained professional staff is fully focused on providing a unique experience.