Iceland Untouched

Thank you for selecting Iceland Untouched and how wonderful to see that you have chosen Iceland to be your next destination. We are truly excited to make your visit to Iceland an experience of a lifetime and let you enjoy our volcanic island to the fullest. We are Andrés Úlfur Helguson and Matthildur Filippusdóttir and we are the proud owners of the family run travel company Iceland Untouched. With ten years experience working as a guides in the mountains, on glaciers and on the roads of every corner of the island, our company puts great emphasis on quality over quantity, being the best but not the biggest. Therefor we only operate with local people and companies that share that vision on high quality local products and services around the island that give our customers a better understanding of the Icelandic way of life, our history, our traditions and our untouched nature.

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