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Sens Asia Travel provide you with a wide range of travel services – everything from tailor-made private trips to small group departures, pre-designed long tours, excursions and hotel.

Setting ourselves apart from the rest, we build up our distinctive service based on three cores: the products, the team and the advanced tour management technology, of which, the products play the key role. We don’t just sell a smooth logistic arrangement, take people to the highlights or meet the locals. Just as the ‘Sens Asia Travel’ name suggests, each of our tours is carefully crafted with passion, aiming to awaken travelers’ senses through series of unique travel experiences. By inviting you to discover a new land, we want you to simultaneously reconnect with yourself, and with your senses.

Featured trips & expertise

James Bond Island in Phang Nag National Park
Thailand Family Adventure - 10 Days

Every member of the family will be satisfied on this trip, with a wide range of activities and experiences in both Northern and Southern Thailand. Sleep in a rural homestay as well as top-notch resorts by the beach. Scramble up waterfalls and kayak through peaceful mangroves. Go fishing with local fisherfolk and snorkelling in incredible bays. You'll see that Thailand is an amazingly diverse country with something for everyone.

A Taste of Southern Thailand - 5 Days

Go beyond the stunning islands and emerald waters of Phang Nga Bay, and get a taste of the local lifestyle on this 5-day trip to southern Thailand. You'll kayak through the lush jungle, unwind on pristine beaches, and eat authentic Thai food with a local family on your homestay in a small fishing village.

The northern Thai mountains are calling
Highlights of Northern Thailand Trekking: 7 Days

From the third highest peak in Northern Thailand to the authentic night markets of Chiang Rai, this 7-day trek is a great choice for avid hikers who also want a taste of Thai city life before heading home. Enjoy sweeping mountain panoramas, intricate temples, and bustling, colorful night markets.

Doi Suthep Temple, Chiang Mai
Adventures in Thailand: 14 Days

Adventurous travelers rejoice: this 14-day itinerary runs the gamut of Thailand's most iconic scenery and sights. You'll bike, river raft, and trek your way to ancient temples, traditional villages, and vibrant night markets. Lace up your hiking boots and prepare to immerse yourself in all this colorful country has to offer.