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Snow blankets the Albanian city of Pogradec in January (photo courtesy of Endri Killo)
Albania in January: Travel Tips, Weather & More

January is the middle of winter in Albania, but as a country with a Mediterranean coastal climate and high mountains, it's a great time to visit. Winters in Albania are warmer than in many other parts of Europe, plus there are great skiing opportunities. Discover more about traveling to this Balkan country in January.

Dusk in the Albanian capital of Tirana (photo courtesy of Mario Beqollari)
Albania in February: Travel Tips, Weather & More

February is winter in Albania, and while that brings cold weather to the mountains, lower-lying and coastal areas are pretty mild. Chillier weather also brings snow to the mountains, and most travelers who visit Albania in February come for the skiing. Keep reading to learn where to visit and what to do in Albania in February.

The Albanian Alps at sunrise (photo courtesy of Daniel J. Schwarz)
Albania in March: Travel Tips, Weather & More

March is the first month of spring in Albania, and with both mountains and the Mediterranean coastline, you can enjoy skiing or beach walks as you prefer. This is shoulder season in Albania, so it's a good time to visit the Albanian Riviera without the summer crowds. Find out more about visiting Albania in March.

Lëkurësi Castle  and Sarandë in southern Albania on a bright late-spring day
Albania in April: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Some travelers consider April the best month to visit Albania: the weather is warm without being too hot, and there are few other tourists in most places. With a Mediterranean climate as well as high mountains in the interior, there are a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy in Albania in April. Keep reading to find out where to go and what to do.

A spring vista of the Byzantine Holy Trinity Church in Berat, Albania
Albania in May: Travel Tips, Weather & More

May is late spring in Albania and a delightful time to visit, with warm but not-too-hot weather. Spend time on the beaches of the Albanian Riviera, hike in the mountains, or check out UNESCO-listed archeological sites. Find out where to go and what to do in Albania in May.

Boats moored in the summer sun at Sarandë, Albania (photo courtesy of Laurentiu Morariu)
Albania in June: Travel Tips, Weather & More

June is the start of the summer in Albania. Temperatures are hot, and conditions are ideal for lounging on a beach on the Albanian Riviera. Get in quick before the rush of vacationers later in summer. Read on to learn more about traveling to Albania in June.

Ottoman architecture in the hills of Gjirokastër (photo courtesy of  Abenteuer Albanien)
Albania in July: Travel Tips, Weather & More

July is midsummer in Albania and the busiest time of year, especially on the Albanian Riviera. Summer temperatures are scorching on the coast and in the cities, but conditions are more comfortable at altitude in the mountains. If you're looking for an offbeat Mediterranean summer getaway, Albania is what you want. Find out more about where to go and what to do in Albania in July.

Summer view of Bovilla Reservoir in Mount Dajti National Park (photo courtesy of Drini Teta)
Albania in August: Travel Tips, Weather & More

August is peak summer in Albania and that means very high temperatures on the coast. Soak in the sun on the Albanian Riviera or dodge the crowds with a mountain hiking vacation in the Accursed Mountains. Read on to learn more about visiting Albania in August.

Komani Lake and surrounding mountains in northern Albania (photo courtesy of Abenteuer Albanien)
Albania in September: Travel Tips, Weather & More

September is the start of fall in Albania, but the warm weather of summer tends to linger while the public disperses. Now is an excellent time to hit the beaches as the conditions are still great for swimming and water sports, but crowds and prices come down from their summer highs. Find out more about the best places to go and things to do in Albania in September.

Markets selling souvenirs along cobblestone streets in Gjirokastër (photo courtesy of Abenteuer Albanien)
Albania in October: Travel Tips, Weather & More

October is the middle of fall in Albania, and while higher-altitude locations will start to feel cool, coastal areas are pleasant and suitable for days at the beach. The shoulder season means some resorts begin to close up shop for the winter, but this is a great time to travel to Albania if you want to avoid the crowds while still enjoying great weather. Find out where to go and what to do in Albania in October.

Yellow leaves of fall in Pogradec, Albania (photo courtesy of Endri Killo)
Albania in November: Travel Tips, Weather & More

November is late fall in Albania, which means cooler temperatures, a chance of rain, and practically no other tourists. If you're interested in city attractions and cultural sites in ancient towns, November is a great time to visit. Find out more about seeing Albania in November.

The New Bazaar lit up for Christmas and New Year in Albania's capital, Tirana
Albania in December: Travel Tips, Weather & More

December is the first actual month of winter in Albania, and temperatures are cold and crowds are somewhat nonexistent. However, Albania doesn't tend to get as cold as many other European countries, making it a top winter city break destination. Read on to discover more about traveling to Albania in December.