Some travelers consider April the best month to visit Albania: the weather is warm without being too hot, and there are few other tourists in most places. With a Mediterranean climate as well as high mountains in the interior, there are a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy in Albania in April. Keep reading to find out where to go and what to do.


April is spring in Albania and generally an enjoyable time to visit. With a Mediterranean climate along the coast and inland and the snow having thawed in the mountains after the winter, many people say April is one of the best months to visit the country. In April, the average temperature in Tirana is 57°F (14°C), although daytime highs are much warmer. Temperatures are also warm along the coast, with average temperatures similar in Sarandë as in Tirana.

Crowds & Costs

April is shoulder season for travel in Albania, after the tranquil winter and the relatively busy summer. However, Albania doesn't experience the same influx of travelers as many neighboring countries, even in the high season. April is ideal for visiting places that get a bit crowded in midsummer (such as the Albanian Riviera) but without the crowds. Costs will also be lower than in summer, although not all coastal resorts or restaurants will have opened yet for the season.

Although Albania isn't a Christian-majority country, Catholic and Orthodox Christian Albanians each celebrate Easter. Both Catholic and Orthodox Easter usually fall in April (Orthodox Easter is a couple of weeks after Catholic Easter). However, Catholic Easter is sometimes in March, and Orthodox Easter is sometimes in May. Some Albanians take vacations over Easter, so local transport might be more crowded and hotels booked in popular places. Book accommodations in advance if you're traveling over Easter. 

Where to Go

To experience the best of the Albanian Riviera without the sweltering weather or throngs of Albanian vacationers, head to the city of Sarandë in April. While it may not be warm enough for a swim in the sea (depending on your preferences!), there are other beautiful attractions in the southern coastal city. The sea-front promenade, archeological remains from various eras, olive groves in the surrounding hills, and 16th-century Lëkurësi Castle make Sarandë a lovely place to spend some time, whatever your interests.

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What to Do

With the snow gone from the mountains and temperatures comfortable, April is a perfect time to lace up your boots if you enjoy hiking. The Accursed Mountains, Thethi National Park, the Ceraunian Mountains, and Llogara National Park are just a few hiking destinations to appreciate the beautiful scenery, a physical challenge, and some off-the-beaten-path hiking trails.

More active, adventurous types might even want to pedal through Albania on a guided or self-guided cycle tour.

Events in April

Easter. Both Catholic and Orthodox Easter usually fall in April. Catholic and Orthodox Albanians celebrate this festival similarly by attending church and eating special foods with their families. Churches of both branches of Christianity will be especially lively at this time.

Ramadan. The Islamic holy month of Ramadan often falls partly in April. Although many Albanians of all religions are non-observant, practicing Muslims will generally fast during this time. This is unlikely to cause any issues for travelers in Albania, but it is respectful to be aware of this when mixing with Muslim Albanians. 

South Outdoor Festival, Borsh. The five-day festival celebrates everything about the outdoors, including sports, nature, and food.

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