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Top itineraries and travel advice in and around Chobe National Park
One of Botswana’s iconic destinations, Chobe National Park attracts herds of elephants, buffalo, and other big game to its vast Mopane bush and shores of the Chobe River. The river is particularly bustling in the drier winter months, drawing a multitude of both predators and their prey to its shores. 

Unlike many other safari spots, an extra big draw in Chobe is water-based game viewing in addition to the land drives that also provide plenty of good viewing. Hop on board a luxury houseboat for an overnight trip or a small motorboat day trip to scope out the riverbank and wait for wildlife to come down and drink. Previous kimkim travelers have particularly enjoyed the luxury houseboat stay for a unique safari perspective. 
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Okavango Delta
Map of Botswana Safari: Chobe & Okavango Delta - 5 Days
Botswana Safari: Chobe & Okavango Delta - 5 Days

Check out two of Botswana's top destinations on this five-day trip. You'll start with Chobe National Park, best known for its large herds of animals, particularly elephants, which you'll follow on safari walks and game drives. Keep going to the famous Okavango Delta, a floodplain full of wildlife most frequently viewed by boat or canoe safari amid the many channels.

Elephant on game drive
Map of Explore Botswana: Okavango, Makgadikgadi Pans, & Chobe Safari - 7 Days
Explore Botswana: Okavango, Makgadikgadi Pans, & Chobe Safari - 7 Days

This 7-day Botswana safari encompasses the diversity of northern Botswana's Makgadikgadi National Park, with the enchanting wilderness that is the Okavango Delta. You'll visit the Makgadikgadi Pans and end the adventure on the Chobe River—aboard a luxury houseboat. This unique experience allows you to witness abundant wildlife, excellent birding, and experiencing a breathtaking wilderness feel.

Gamespotting in Chobe
Map of Botswana Family Safari: Chobe & Okavango Delta - 10 Days
Botswana Family Safari: Chobe & Okavango Delta - 10 Days

Safari through three separate zones of Botswana on this family-friendly route. You'll start off amidst the herds in Chobe National Park, known for its elephant population, then fly down to the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta. This lush ecosystem is bustling with flora and fauna, and you'll take them in from both western Moremi and your final stop on the Pom Pom Lagoon on the delta's eastern side.

Xugana Island Botswana
Map of Ultimate Safari in Botswana & Zimbabwe - 14 Days
Ultimate Safari in Botswana & Zimbabwe - 14 Days

This luxurious itinerary combines several iconic locations in Botswana and Zimbabwe—Okavango Delta, Savute, Chobe, and Victoria Falls. Your first week will be spent on safari in Botswana, with four days on the Zambezi Queen luxury riverboat.  From here, you'll be on your way to  Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls to see this world wonder, ending the journey with a different safari experience in Hwange National Park.

Botswana Safari
Map of Wild Botswana Safari - 11 Days
Wild Botswana Safari - 11 Days

On this"wild" adventure in Botswana, you'll safari your way through some of the most beautiful places in Southern Africa.  Over the next 11 days, you'll visit the jewel of the Kalahari Desert and discover the world's largest inland delta—Okavango Delta. The largest concentration of elephants in Africa will then await you in Chobe, followed by boat tours and activities at the Moremi Game Reserve. With a perfect blend of land and water activities, you'll enjoy game rides in open-air vehicles while experiencing the great abundance of wild animals.

Botswana's majestic wildlife
Highlights of Botswana & Zimbabwe - 7 Days

This trip through Botswana and Zimbabwe lets you experience the highlights in a short time. In seven days, visit the lakes and lagoons of the world’s largest inland delta, watch game from a boat in the Chobe National Park, and be amazed by the beautiful Victoria Falls, the largest sheet of falling water in the world. There will be plenty of time for adventure activities, if you wish, as well as relaxation.

Overlooking Chobe River in Botswana
Map of Explore Botswana: Okavango Delta & Chobe Trail -7 Days
Explore Botswana: Okavango Delta & Chobe Trail -7 Days

Prepare to enter the Okavango Delta in Botswana—one of the world’s most unique wilderness areas. Follow the hippo trails in dugout mokoros (traditional dugout canoes) and join your guide on nature walks to discover the islands. You'll head up to Chobe National Park, where you'll watch the African sunset from the comfort of your river cruise, and experience a close encounter with hippo and elephants. Your tour ends in Zimbabwe and the spectacular Victoria Falls, where you can take part in several available adrenaline activities.