On this"wild" adventure in Botswana, you'll safari your way through some of the most beautiful places in Southern Africa.  Over the next 11 days, you'll visit the jewel of the Kalahari Desert and discover the world's largest inland delta—Okavango Delta. The largest concentration of elephants in Africa will then await you in Chobe, followed by boat tours and activities at the Moremi Game Reserve. With a perfect blend of land and water activities, you'll enjoy game rides in open-air vehicles while experiencing the great abundance of wild animals.


  • Chobe National Park and Chobe River adventure
  • Savute Safari - Visit Gutsaba Hills (980 million years old)
  • Moremi Game Reserve - Explore the Xakanaxo Lagoon
  • Water-based activities and safari at the famous Okavango Delta

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Johannesburg, South Africa to Chobe Game Lodge, Botswana Chobe National Park
Day 2 Chobe Game Lodge Safari Chobe National Park
Day 3 Chobe to Okavango Okavango Delta
Day 4 Camp Okavango Safari Okavango Delta
Day 5 Okavango to Moremi Moremi
Day 6 Camp Moremi Safari Moremi
Day 7 Moremi to Savuti Chobe Savute
Day 8 Savute Safari Lodge Safari Chobe Savute
Day 9 Savute Safari Lodge to Camp Xakanaxa Moremi
Day 10 Camp Xakanaxa Safari Moremi
Day 11 Camp Xakanaxa to Maun to Johannesburg, South Africa  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Johannesburg, South Africa to Chobe Game Lodge, Botswana

Enjoy amazing views
Chobe Game Lodge dining with a view

Today you'll begin by boarding your scheduled flight at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, for Kasane Airport in Botswana.

Arriving in Botswana, you will be greeted and transferred by road to Chobe Game Lodge, where you'll be spending the next two nights. Surrounded by nature and wildlife at the only game lodge in the Chobe National Park, you'll have the opportinuíty to dine while enjoying a stunning view.  Get a good night's sleep and prepare for your first safari adventure in the morning.

Day 2: Chobe Game Lodge Safari

Elephants during the Safari
Elephants during the Safari

Welcome to your "wild" start in Botswana! 

Your first safari adventure starts in Chobe—the largest concentration of elephants in Africa. Its diverse wildlife makes itself known right off the batt, and you'll discover African wild dogs, pukus, red lechwes, sables, giraffes, and roan antelopes. During the dry season, you'll also notice these large herds, as well as vast herds of buffalo, gather by the Chobe River to drink, bathe, and play.

The Chobe Game Lodge has a selection of water-based activities, and you'll be getting the complete experience of the Chobe National Park. On this early morning, until late afternoon, you'll ride in an open-sided 4x4 vehicle—this way, you'll have the maximum visibility of the park's spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife.

Game drives are conducted by our expert, helping you to the best experience. Meanwhile, riverside game viewing may be done from small and highly maneuverable boats, perfect for morning or sunset cruises.

Day 3: Chobe to Okavango

Campfire in Okavango Delta
Campfire in Okavango Delta

Today, after your breakfast and one last activity at Chobe Game Lodge, you will be transferred by road to Kasane Airport.  Here you will board your light aircraft transfer to the Okavango Delta, where you will spend two nights at Camp Okavango on a fully inclusive basis. You'll be having dinner in the evening with a new change of scene, and tomorrow your second safari adventure begins. 

Day 4: Camp Okavango Safari

Dinner served at sunset
Dinner served at sunset

On your fourth day, it is time for your Camp Okavango Safari. Water-based activities will be conducted by experienced professional guides who will expertly navigate you through the many winding waterways. You'll explore the Okavango Delta from the comfort of a modern motorboat—or you might do it the old fashioned way in a traditional mokoro (dugout canoe).

Camp Okavango is a water-based camp, and game-drive activities, using safari vehicles, are not possible.

Day 5: Okavango to Moremi

African Buffalo at Moremi Game Reserve
African Buffalo at Moremi Game Reserve

After your early game viewing activity and breakfast at Camp Okavango, you will be transferred by light aircraft to Camp Moremi. Here you will spend two nights on a fully inclusive basis.  

Day 6: Camp Moremi Safari

Zebras drinking from waterhole in Moremi Game Reserve
Zebras drinking from the waterhole in Moremi Game Reserve

It's time to enjoy the Moremi Game Reserve!

Today, you'll have the opportunity to explore the Xakanaxa Lagoon and its surrounding channels by boat, access incredible landscapes, and impressive wildlife, and enjoy the picturesque waters of Okavango Delta. There will be game drives on this morning and afternoon throughout the many different ecosystems that the Moremi Game Reserve offers.
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You'll be introduced to an entirely new world of wildlife by our team of expert guides. Watch a leopard being lazy in the branches of a Monape tree, herds of elephants grazing, or a group of lions camouflaged in the long grass. Moremi Game Reserve’s incredible wetlands support a vast number of antelope, including Impala, Kudu, and Waterbuck.
Don't be surprised if you spot a Fish Eagle or a vivid Malachite Kingfisher since the birdlife here is prolific. You might even spot the Pel’s Fishing Owl making its appearance—a delight to guides as well to guests.

Day 7: Moremi to Savuti

Lioness drinking from a waterwhole in Savute
Lioness drinking from a waterhole in Savute

After your morning activity and breakfast at Camp Moremi, you will be transferred by light aircraft to the Savute Safari Lodge, where you'll be staying for two nights. 

Day 8: Savute Safari Lodge Safari

Lions in the wild
Lions in the wild
Today you'll embark on a safari throughout the Savute area. There will be activities organized around game drives in open 4x4 safari vehicles. You'll get a chance to see the historic presence of the Savute Channel at the marsh with teeming wildlife.
Then the 930-million old Gutsaba Hills will be waiting where you'll see the ancient San rock paintings. The Gutsaba Hills are small hilly outcrops, forming a prominent landmark in the otherwise flat landscape, which makes this place even more unique.
Savute boasts the second-largest summer Zebra migration in Africa. The rains determine its timing, but it usually takes place between November and December and again between February and April. The zebras are in search of rain-ripe grasslands and full waterholes during this period and start moving from the north. They head to the southwest of the park, and large numbers of predators always follow the migration—the Zebra migration is a must for visitors.

Day 9: Savute Safari Lodge to Camp Xakanaxa

Camp Xakanaxa
Camp Xakanaxa

After your early safari and breakfast at Savute Safari Lodge, you will be transferred by light aircraft to Camp Xakanaxa, where you'll spend the two remaining nights.

Day 10: Camp Xakanaxa Safari

See nature up close
See nature up-close
Today, you'll be enjoying the Camp Xakanaxa Safari experience. The lavish surroundings will let you explore open savannahs, winding channels, ancient river forests, and seasonal floodplains that make for a varied habitat of exceptional fauna and flora. The camp is one of few that offers a year-round land and water game-viewing experience in open 4x4 safari vehicles or powerboats.
Professional guides are eager to share their in-depth knowledge with you and tell you the treasured secrets of this vast wilderness, creating an even more memorable experience.
In the spring and summer months, birding is especially spectacular here-this when the migrants are breeding. The diverse, natural environment ensures abundant sightings of giraffes, hippos, leopards, wildebeests, hyenas, kudus, elephants, and many other wild animals.

Day 11: Camp Xakanaxa to Maun to Johannesburg, South Africa

Camping in Botswana
Camping in Botswana

After your last early morning activity (if time allows this) and breakfast at Camp Xakanaxa, you will be transferred by light aircraft to the Maun Airport.

On arrival in Maun, you will connect with your scheduled outbound flight back to the OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa. Ending your safari is never easy, but you'll have the memory to last for a lifetime!

On arrival in Johannesburg, you will connect with your late evening outbound flight back home (flight at own arrangements). OR we can take you further to enjoy another safari in South Africa. 


Map of Wild Botswana Safari - 11 Days
Map of Wild Botswana Safari - 11 Days