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Pasley Island near Vancouver
Guide to British Columbia's Regions

British Colombia has the perfect trip for everyone, any time of year. From cosmopolitan Vancouver to the vast tracks of wilderness in the north, from wine tasting in the rolling hills of the Okanagan to salmon-fishing in wild waters of Haida Gwaii, there really is something for everyone. To help you figure out your perfect trip, we've broken down the main regions for you to consider.

Lake front views from Sandifer Lake Cabin
Fly-In Wilderness Adventures around Smithers

Departing from Smithers in northern British Columbia, hop on a floatplane flight to access a number of wilderness adventures in the nearby mountains and backcountry. You'll find cabins, lake camping, and beautiful alpine basins to explore on foot with friends or family. Most of these places can be reached by a 20-60-minute flight.

Volcanic plateau on the southern flank of Mount Edziza
Map of Mount Edziza Traverse in Northern BC - 10 Days
Mount Edziza Traverse in Northern BC - 10 Days

Located in the remote wilderness of northwestern British Columbia, this is one of the most beautiful and rewarding treks in Canada. A sacred landscape for the Tahltan First Nation, visiting this plateau was both a rite of passage and a journey of purification. Accessible only by floatplane, hike for five days across the alpine tundra against the backdrop of cinder cones, glaciers, and the mighty Coastal Range.