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Pasley Island near Vancouver
Guide to British Columbia's Regions

British Colombia has the perfect trip for everyone, any time of year. From cosmopolitan Vancouver to the vast tracks of wilderness in the north, from wine tasting in the rolling hills of the Okanagan to salmon-fishing in wild waters of Haida Gwaii, there really is something for everyone. To help you figure out your perfect trip, we've broken down the main regions for you to consider.

Sechelt Inlet, Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Getaway - 4 Days

With just 4 days, head straight to the Lower Sunshine Coast for some relaxation and outdoor adventure before returning to Vancouver for a day to explore the city. Waking up next to the Pacific Ocean, you'll have easy access to sheltered coves and inlets, driftwood-strewn beaches, and quaint seaside villages with surprisingly great restaurants and breweries.

Sechelt Inlet, Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Getaway - 8 Days

Starting and ending with a day in Vancouver, this route gives you ample time to explore the highlights of both Upper and Lower Sunshine Coast. Explore its hidden coves, deep fjords, and artsy seaside villages or hit the trails and hike through the nearby forests and mountains. This region is the perfect place to combine relaxation with easy access to outdoor adventures.

Relax on the Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Getaway - 5 Days

With 5 days, you'll have just enough time to explore the Lower Sunshine Coast without feeling too rushed. Wake up next to the ocean before visiting quaint seaside villages, hidden coves, and the easily-accessible outdoors; the region has some of the province's best sea kayaking and hiking trails. Finally, end with a day in Vancouver before you depart.

Calm over the Gulf Islands near the Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Getaway - 7 Days

One week is the perfect amount of time to truly relax and get a feel for the Sunshine Coast, an underrated stretch of coastline and islands just north of Vancouver. Here, you'll find quaint seaside villages with amazing restaurants and breweries, endless stretches of driftwood-strewn coastline, and numerous islands and protected coves to explore by kayak.

Driftwood-strewn beaches of the Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Getaway - 6 Days

With just under a week, this itinerary is designed to keep you moving each day so that you can experience all of the highlights of both Upper and Lower Sunshine Coast. You'll have short drives and ferry transfers each day, passing through Gibsons, Sechelt, all the way up to Powell River and Lund. En route, stop at historic seaside villages, local breweries, driftwood-strewn beaches and sheltered coves for easy kayaking.

Sechelt Inlet, Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Getaway - 9 Days

After a couple of days of exploring the parks and great restaurants of Vancouver, escape to the Sunshine Coast for its laid-back vibe and accessible outdoor adventures. Despite it's proximity to Vancouver, this stretch of coastline often gets overlooked but those who venture here will no doubt love it—quaint seaside villages with great food and breweries, endless beach trails and hidden coves for kayaking, and an overall artsy vibe unique from the rest of British Columbia.

The Wild Pacific Trail near Ucluelet
Sunshine Coast & Pacific Rim Road Trip - 8 Days

With 8 days, this is the minimum amount of time you'll want to explore two of British Columbia's most beautiful coastlines without feeling too rushed. First, you'll have three days to explore the hidden coves and seaside communities of the Sunshine Coast. From there, you'll catch a ferry to Vancouver Island for two days in the Pacific Rim, home to some of the best sea-kayaking and coastal trails in the province. The best time to travel this route is from April through October. 

Buttle Lake, Strathcona Provincial Park
Sunshine Coast & Pacific Rim Road Trip - 9 Days

Circle your way along the beautiful coastline, quaint seaside towns, and First Nation's heritage of British Columbia’s west coast. After a brief stay in Vancouver, you'll hit the road (and ferries) as you explore the Sunshine Coast before heading over to Vancouver Island's Pacific Rim National Park. Here, explore remote islands by kayak and hike through the dense coastal rainforest. Finally, end your trip with some time to enjoy the urban scenes of Victoria and Vancouver. 

Wild Pacific Trail near Ucluelet, Pacific Rim
Sunshine Coast & Pacific Rim Road Trip - 10 Days

With 10 days, split your time between the sun-warmed beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the rugged coastline of Vancouver Island's Pacific Rim. You'll get a great feel for Pacific Coast culture as well as the dramatic landscape that defines it. Finally, you'll have a day at the start and end of your trip to enjoy great restaurants in Vancouver as well as the small provincial capital of Victoria. 

The remote and pristine Desolation Sound, home to some of BC's warmest waters
Outdoor Adventure along BC's Coastline - 14 Days

This two-week road trip takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. You'll base yourself in four main locations: Desolation Sound, Strathcona Park, the Pacific Rim, and Salt Spring Island. Activities range from sea kayaking to waterfalls hikes to exploring the galleries and farmers' markets of Salt Spring Island.

Rainforest hike in the Pacific Rim
Sunshine Coast & Pacific Rim Road Trip - 11 Days

Explore the best of British Columbia's coastline by car and ferry on this 11-day road trip. Starting in Vancouver, head to the Sunshine Coast to explore the fjords, beaches, and seaside communities before ending your trip with three days along Vancouver Island's rugged Pacific Rim. This itinerary is a great way to combine outdoor adventure while exploring local culture and maritime history. 

The Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet
Sunshine Coast & Pacific Rim Road Trip - 14 Days

With two weeks, take your time as you explore the most beautiful spots along the southern coast of British Columbia. Starting with the seaside communities of the Sunshine Coast, you'll wind your way through hidden coves and inlets over to Vancouver Island. Here, you'll divide the remainder of your time between two outdoor paradises—the mountainous Strathcona Provincial Park and the storm-swept coastline of the Pacific Rim. 

Long Beach near Tofino
Sunshine Coast & Pacific Rim Road Trip - 12 Days

This route is the perfect introduction to British Columbia’s west coast, combining ocean-based activities with rugged mountain trails and vibrant coastal communities. Starting and ending in Vancouver, you'll wind your way by car and ferry along the Sunshine Coast before crossing over to Vancouver Island. From there, you'll base yourself in the two beautiful nature reserves of Strathcona Provincial Park and the Pacific Rim.

Aerial view of Tofino along the Pacific Rim
Sunshine Coast & Pacific Rim Road Trip - 13 Days

Starting and ending in Vancouver, you'll follow a coastal circle route through the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island that focuses on the best outdoor adventures and most idyllic communities. On the Sunshine Coast, you'll find relaxed communities with great breweries and restaurants, while on Vancouver Island you'll end your adventure by exploring the remote islands and temperate rainforest of the Pacific Rim.