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Tallinn's skyline
Map of Highlights of Estonia, from Tallinn to Tartu - 5 Days
Highlights of Estonia, from Tallinn to Tartu - 5 Days

Discover Estonia on this quick tour around the country. It begins in the capital of Tallinn where you'll amble its historic Old Town, visit Kadriorg Park, and tour the WWI-era Estonian Maritime Museum. Continue to Tartu, a city home to the historic national university, before heading to the seaside village of Haapsalu. You'll also explore Estonia's natural highlights, including Keila Waterfall in Lahemaa National Park, a protected area home to historic manor estates.

Map of Explore Estonia - 7 Days
Explore Estonia - 7 Days

Discover the highlights of Estonia, from unspoiled national parks to seaside towns and medieval cities. The adventure begins in the capital of Tallinn, where guided tours take you to hilltop castles and ancient churches. Between cities, you'll visit the countryside and explore coastal Lahemaa National Park and the wetlands of Soomaa National Park. The trip wraps up on Saaremaa Island, where you'll cycle to trestle windmills and coastal cliffs plus visit the town of Haapsalu, home to an impressive medieval castle.

The Baltic coast of Lahemaa National Park
Baltic Adventure: Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania - 15 Days

Rich culture and unspoiled nature are the stars of the show on this unforgettable 15-day journey through the Baltic States. Traveling through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, you'll explore cultural highlights with tours of medieval cities, ancient castles, and fascinating museums. In between, the great outdoors beckons with kayaking, biking, and hiking excursions into a paradise of lakes, forests, and national parks.        

Explore the Baltics
Map of Highlights of Estonia & Helsinki - 14 Days
Highlights of Estonia & Helsinki - 14 Days

See a different side of Europe with this unforgettable adventure to the northern Baltic region and the Nordic country of Finland. The journey begins in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, where you'll stroll through its well-preserved medieval center. After visiting some of the nation's prized national parks and lakes you'll board a ferry to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, for a tour of its historic fortress and day trips to medieval cities.

Rooftops of Tallinn
Highlights of Estonia: Culture, Countryside & Castles - 10 Days

Discover Estonia's many charms on this immersive 10-day tour through historic cities and unspoiled Baltic landscapes. Your journey begins and ends in the capital of Tallinn, where you´ll stroll the cobbled streets of its medieval center and visit stately churches and castles. In between, explore the biodiverse boglands of Lahemaa National Park, catch a ferry to the beaches and windmills of Saaremaa Island, visit the lively university city of Tartu, and skirt the shores of scenic Lake Peipus, Europe's largest trans-boundary lake.

Lahemaa National Park
Map of Baltic States National Parks - 11 Days
Baltic States National Parks - 11 Days

Explore the beautiful scenery of the Baltic States national parks on this packed 11-day trip. Visit the medieval capital cities of Riga and Tallinn, explore beautiful nature in Lahemaa National Park, and relax on the white sand beaches of the Curonian Spit. Tour the fairytale Trakai Castle, discover regional architecture in ethnographic museums and see a vast variety of wildlife and plants at Panemuniai Nature Reserve.

The festival grounds
Map of Tallinn Song and Dance Festival  (July 2019) - 5 Days
Tallinn Song and Dance Festival (July 2019) - 5 Days

Take part as Tallinn becomes the world capital of song and dance from July 4–7, 2019, when they host the XXVII Song and XX Dance Celebrations. This festival takes place every five years and has become a symbol of Estonian culture and identity, with thousands of singers and dancers participating. Pair it with visits to Tallinn's historic Old Town, museums, and culinary hotspots for a five-day cultural excursion you won't forget.

Panoramic view of Tallinn
Map of Baltic Highlights: Estonia, Finland, & Russia - 9 Days
Baltic Highlights: Estonia, Finland, & Russia - 9 Days

This 9-day itinerary is the perfect introduction to three of the most popular Baltic States. You'll begin with some of Estonia's most charming medieval sites in Tallinn, head to the quirky Finnish capital of Helsinki, and end your trip with some of Russia's most opulent landmarks and artworks in St. Petersburg.

Autumn Colors of Lahemaa National Park
Discover Estonia's Landscape - 5 Days

Explore the landscapes and culture of Estonia, starting and ending in its capital city of Tallinn for a guided walking tour of its Old Town, a visit to the Maritime Museum, and a stroll through the bohemian economic center, Teliskivi Creative City. In between, you'll discover the Estonian countryside with a hike through the bogs of Lahemaa National Park, a visit to the powerful Keila Waterfall, and an exploration of the coastal town of Haapsalu. On the island of Saaremaa, you'll discover castles, traditional windmills, lighthouses, and limestone cliffs that stretch across the Baltic Sea.

Snowy Christmas Market in Tallinn
Map of Christmas in Estonia - 5 Days
Christmas in Estonia - 5 Days

A perfect option for families and couples looking for a short escape during the holiday season, this five-day trip will introduce you to Estonia's cherished Christmas traditions and charming capital city. Explore Europe's best Christmas market in Tallinn's Old Town, sip hot beverages in cozy cafes, see medieval streets decked out in twinkling lights, and take a snowmobile ride through a fairytale forest.

Coastline of Pärnu, Estonia
Explore Estonian Culture and History - 7 Days

Discover Estonia's culture and history by exploring its cities, starting in the capital of Tallinn with a guided tour of its medieval core and sprawling Kadriorg Park with Russian-inspired architecture. Head inland and explore the bohemian university city of Tartu, home of the renowned Estonian National Museum. End your trip on the shores of Lake Peipus learning about the Russian Orthodox Old Believers community, then relax on the sandy beaches of Pärnu on Estonia's west coast.

House of the Black Heads, Riga
Map of Explore the Baltic States - 14 Days
Explore the Baltic States - 14 Days

This adventure into the Baltic states takes you through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, where you'll explore medieval cities and take nature excursions to national parks. You'll also visit Lake Peipus, one of Europe’s largest lakes, and tour coastal villages plus take a road trip down the long and narrow Curonian Spit. Other highlights include Trakai Castle, the Hill of Crosses, and even a craft beer tasting.

Windmills on Saaremaa island
Map of Bike Estonia's Cities & Countryside - 5 Days
Bike Estonia's Cities & Countryside - 5 Days

This rural and metropolitan cycling tour begins in Estonia's capital of Tallinn, where you'll discover its medieval Old Town. Then you'll cycle through the bogs of Laheema National Park, ride along the shores of Lake Peipus, and bike around the trestle windmills of Saaremaa Island. Cap the adventure with visits to charming villages plus enjoy one last cycling excursion on the scenic Noarootsi Peninsula.

Aerial View of Lahemaa National Park
Map of From Estonia to St Petersburg - 10 Days
From Estonia to St Petersburg - 10 Days

Combine Estonia's unspoiled nature and medieval villages with the opulence of Imperial Russia's St. Petersburg. This 10-day tour kicks off with hikes through Estonia's national parks followed by a visit to castle ruins in Haapsalu and a bike ride around the windmills of Saaremaa Island before heading east to the traditional villages of Lake Peipus. The adventure culminates in St. Petersburg, where you'll tour highlights like Peterhof Palace and learn to make your very own matryoshka nesting egg.

Explore the boardwalks and boglands of Lahemaa National Park
Baltic Adventure: Estonia & Latvia - 13 Days

Explore one of Europe's most unspoiled corners on this 13-day odyssey through Estonia and Latvia. Setting off from picturesque Tallinn, you'll discover beautiful Baltic landscapes with a blend of cultural tours and outdoor adventures. Tour medieval villages, hike through pristine natural parks, visit fairytale castles, and cycle along the windswept beaches of the Baltic Sea. Your journey comes to an end in Riga, strolling around the atmospheric Old Town and browsing its UNESCO-listed market.

Historic windmills on Saaremaa Island
Bike Estonia's Cities & Countryside - 7 Days

Discover Estonia's charming cities and idyllic countryside on this relaxed, week-long cycling tour. Starting in the capital of Tallinn, wander its medieval Old Town and 18th-century Kadriorg Park before setting off by bike. Cycle through Lahemaa National Park's protected boglands, skirt the shores of scenic Lake Peipsi, and visit the lively bohemian city of Tartu. After exploring the windswept beaches and historic windmills of Saaremaa Island, your adventure ends with one last ride through the bucolic Noatootsi Peninsula.