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Explore the ancient Mayan complex of ruins at Tikal
Guatemala in January: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

January is one of the best times to visit Guatemala, with warm, dry weather all around. Conditions are perfect for trekking in the highlands, climbing volcanoes, and exploring jungle temples in the Mayan city of Tikal. It's a popular time to visit, so make sure you plan ahead to avoid the crowds—unless you end up joining the tens of thousands of worshippers on their annual pilgrimage to one of the holiest sites in Central America. Read on to find out more about what to do and where to go in Guatemala in January.

Semuc Champey
Guatemala in February: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

Not as hot as the spring months (and not as busy as the holiday season), February is the perfect time to enjoy Guatemala. Warm, dry weather makes exploring tourist hotspots like Antigua and Tikal pleasant, and you won't need to worry about crowds. It's also coffee harvest season in Guatemala, with plenty of related activities on offer, including the Coffee Harvest Festival in Frajianes and coffee farm tours. Keep reading to find out all the other reasons why February is a great time to visit this magical country.

Stilted houses along the Rio Dulce
Guatemala in March: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

Marking the end of the winter and the beginning of the humid spring, March is one of the hottest months in Guatemala—expect little to no rain, and temperatures sometimes reaching over 90°F. Still, this makes it the perfect time to enjoy Guatemala's many swimming spots, including ancient volcanic lakes, limestone pools, tropical waterfalls, ice-cold rivers, and black sand beaches. Read on to find out more reasons why you should visit Guatemala in March.

Handmade sawdust carpet for Holy Thursday procession in Antigua
Guatemala in April: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

April is the hottest—and holiest—month in Guatemala. It's just as well known for its steamy days as it is for Semana Santa, or Holy Week, in the week leading up to Easter. This is a popular time to visit Guatemala, with parades, processions, and colorful carpets adorning the streets, especially in Antigua. After Easter, most travelers head to Lake Atitlán to relax—but to avoid the crowds, we recommend Rio Dulce or Huehuetenango instead. Keep reading to learn more about why April is a popular time to visit Guatemala.

A boat on the azure waters of Lake Atitlan
Guatemala in May: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

May is the beginning of the rainy season in Guatemala, with hot humid mornings and downpours in the afternoon, interspersed with occasional tropical storms where lightning illuminates the entire sky, especially over the volcanoes. Although it's the quiet season, it still has plenty of charm and is a great time to get to experience a more authentic side of Guatemala, especially in places like Antigua and Lake Atitlán, which can get quite busy in the high season. Read on to find out more about why May is a great month to visit Guatemala.

Ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal
Guatemala in June: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

June in Guatemala is a relatively quiet month, but one where nature reigns supreme. From the sea turtles nesting on the Pacific Coast to the rains bringing the waterfalls to majestic levels, it's the perfect time to explore the country's natural beauty. Our favorite spots include Semuc Champey and Alta Verapaz, where you can go tubing along rivers through caves lit by candlelight and swim in secluded lagoons. Keep reading to find out more about what to do and where to go.

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Guatemala in July: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

July is one of the busiest months in Guatemala, with tourists from North America and Europe making the most of their summer breaks. The weather also brightens up a bit in the highlands after a rainy June, with hot sunny days and the odd stormy afternoon, making it the perfect time to explore Antigua and relax on Lake Atitlán. To soak up some culture, head to Cobán for the Fiesta Nacional Indígena, with street fairs, parades, and parties—not to mention a myriad of waterfalls, caves, and lagoons to explore.

Mayan ruins at Tikal
Guatemala in August: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

August in Guatemala is hot and humid, with sunny mornings, rainy afternoons, and lots of North American travelers visiting for summer vacation. Not as wet as July or September, it's actually quite a good time to go exploring. Head up to Flores to explore the picturesque island in an ancient volcanic caldera, explore the temples of Tikal, or enjoy hiking the hills in the highlands and around Antigua, which are beautiful and green this time of year.

The Guatemalan Highlands are relatively dry this month
Guatemala in September: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

September in Guatemala can be quite wet—with more rainfall than any other time of year—but don't let this put you off visiting. With off-season prices, fewer tourists, Independence Day festivities across the country, and the chance to see baby sea turtles making their way to the Pacific ocean, there's still plenty to see and do. Read on to find out more reasons to visit Guatemala in September.

Antigua, Guatemala
Guatemala in October: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

October may be one of the wettest months of the year in Guatemala, but, with plenty to see and do, and the rains (mostly) limited to the odd afternoon downpour, it's still a great time to visit. The beginning of the month is quite quiet, with fewer visitors and cheaper prices, although it can get quite busy toward the end. Still, October is a month for taking it slow, enjoying delicious Guatemalan coffee, lazing around on Lake Atitlán, and wandering the markets and towns of the Highlands.

November 1 is the annual Giant Kites Festival
Guatemala in November: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

November is a pretty magical time of year to visit Guatemala. Marking the end of the rainy season, the weather is warm and dry, the countryside is lush with wildflowers carpeting the hills, and there are plenty of fascinating cultural events and (slightly) fewer tourists than the high season. Arrive on the first of the month for the Giant Kites Festival in Santiago Sacatepéquez or head to the hills to enjoy the horse races and ring in All Saint's Day.

San Juan la Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Guatemala in December: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

From the amazing weather to the month-long festivities across the country, December is a great month to visit Guatemala—even if it is also one of the busiest. Still, with plenty of to see and do, including watching masked dancers swinging around upside down from the top of a giant pole and partaking in the Christmas celebrations, which—in typical Guatemalan style—involve plenty of parades, processions, feasting and fireworks, you'll soon forget about the crowds.