July is one of the busiest months in Guatemala, with tourists from North America and Europe making the most of their summer breaks. The weather also brightens up a bit in the highlands after a rainy June, with hot sunny days and the odd stormy afternoon, making it the perfect time to explore Antigua and relax on Lake Atitlán. To soak up some culture, head to Cobán for the Fiesta Nacional Indígena, with street fairs, parades, and parties—not to mention a myriad of waterfalls, caves, and lagoons to explore.


The weather in Guatemala in July is pretty varied. It's the wettest month of the year on the Caribbean coast and Rio Dulce, and it's also pretty rainy on the Caribbean coast, with around 15" expected over 22 days. It's quite hot and humid, with temperatures of around 90°F. Flores, Guatemala City, and Cobán have half as much rainfall as the coastal provinces, but are still pretty wet, whereas Quetzaltenango has half as much rain as them, making it a great time to head to the highlands and go exploring or hiking in the mountains surrounding Guatemala's second-biggest city.

Temperatures in Flores are around 85°F, and in Guatemala City and Cobán, where the Indigenous Festival takes place, temperatures are usually around 75°F during the day but get down to around 60°F at night. It's also possible—albeit unlikely—that hurricanes or tropical storms can hit the Caribbean or Pacific coast in July. They can cause flooding, big storms with heavy rainfall, and even wash away roads, so keep an eye on the weather, just in case, and if in doubt then stick to the middle of the country.

Crowds and Costs

Aside from December and January, July is actually one of the busiest months in Guatemala, with the long summer holidays in Europe and North America drawing visitors from all over. This means it can be quite busy, especially in the more touristed places like Antigua and Tikal National Park, where you'll want to book accommodation and activities in advance to avoid disappointment. Cobán and Semuc Champey also get pretty busy with visitors coming from all over for the festival and heading to the jungle to check out the beautiful turquoise tiered pools.

Where to Go

While most tourists will want to do and see as much as possible during their time in Guatemala, especially if they're only there for a few short weeks, we recommend probably skipping the coastlines and Rio Dulce, and instead focusing on the interior of the country, with a trip to Tikal to see the temples, where we suggest doing an early morning tour to avoid the rain in the afternoon, a visit to Antigua, Lake Atitlán, and Chichicastenango and, if you feel up to it, braving the long journey out to Cobán, where the two-week-long cultural celebration promises to be a feast for all the senses. It's worth combining this with a trip to Semuc Champey as well, although be warned, the roads out to Lanquín can be pretty terrible.

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What to Do

Definitely use this as an opportunity to go exploring. Bring an umbrella and a poncho, just in case, and try and get out and do sightseeing as early as possible to avoid the rain in the afternoons. Spend a few days exploring Antigua before relaxing on Lake Atitlán. Try to swing by Chichicastenango to see the biggest markets in Central America every Sunday and Thursday, and then head up to Cobán for the festival and onto Tikal from there. Lake Atitlán to Semuc Champey and then Cobán to Tikal National Park are both very long travel days, but the scenery is beautiful, especially in the rainy season.

Events in July

La Fiesta Nacional Indígena de Guatemala, Cobán - Last 2 weeks of July/early August: A spectacular two-week long cultural festival in the city of Cobán that celebrates Mayan culture and showcases the best traditions that have existed for thousands of years with street fairs, parades, concerts, and parties.

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Guatemala Adventure - 5 Days. This trip is the perfect add-on to La Fiesta Nacional Indígena in Cobán, taking you to some of the amazing natural sights in Alta Verapaz, so you can experience the best of Guatemala's fascinating Mayan culture and natural beauty. Speak to our local specialists about adding on a trip to Antigua and Lake Atitlán as well.

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