In 10 days, you can visit many regions of Guatemala, embark on active tours, and see the major highlights. It's also enough time to enjoy off-the-beaten-path trips to indigenous villages, coffee plantations, and natural wonders hidden in highland rainforests. Beyond visiting ancient Maya ruins and taking boat rides down jade rivers, you can also embark on multi-day mountain biking tours and hikes to volcano peaks.

Itinerary #1: Highlights of Guatemala

This active tour of Guatemala is a well-rounded 10-day adventure that includes hiking up volcanos, kayaking on Lake Atitlán, cycling to coffee fields, touring ancient Maya ruins, and more.

Stroll the cobbled streets of Antigua
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Guatemala, Transfer to Antigua Antigua
Day 2 Antigua Walking Tour & Cooking Class Antigua
Day 3 Pacaya Volcano Hike & Spa Treatment Antigua
Day 4 Bike & Coffee Combo Tour Antigua
Day 5 Travel to Lake Atitlan & Village Tour Lake Atitlán
Day 6 Kayaking & Hiking Around Lake Atitlán Lake Atitlán
Day 7 Lake Atitlán to Antigua & Iximché Ruins Antigua
Day 8 Antigua to Tikal National Park Tikal National Park
Day 9 Explore Tikal National Park Tikal National Park
Day 10 Depart Guatemala  

The grand tour begins upon arrival in Guatemala City, followed by a transfer a couple of hours to Antigua. This colonial city was the country's capital until earthquakes in the 18th century forced people to relocate. It retains its colonial charm, and on walking tours you'll see historic buildings like Casa Santo Domingo and La Merced Church. You'll also take a cooking class and learn how to prepare traditional Guatemalan cuisine. Then you'll travel to nearby Pacaya Volcano, hike up dry lava fields, and have a picnic lunch at the summit. Afterward, enjoy a relaxing thermal spa treatment to soak your weary muscles. 

Don't get too comfy because next, you'll hop on a bike for a ride outside Antigua. Then it's off to Lake Atitlán to visit local villages and a co-op run by women who produce hand-woven textiles. After kayaking around Atitlán (and perhaps doing some cliff-jumping), you'll see Iximché, the ruins of a Maya kingdom dating to the 15th century. Then hop a flight north to Tikal National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was once the capital of a Maya kingdom dating to the 1st century. Here you'll tour the five major temples and other structures. The next day, return to the capital and catch your flight home. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Guatemalan Culture & Outdoors

This 10-day outing in the remote wilds of Guatemala is perfect for nature lovers who like a bit of history and culture with their outdoor adventures.

Take a dip in the turquoise pools at Semuc Champey
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Guatemala City Guatemala City
Day 2 Transfer to Cobán & Visit Ram Tzul Cobán
Day 3 Tour Semuc Champey Cobán
Day 4 Transfer to Tikal National Park Tikal National Park
Day 5 Tour Tikal, Transfer to the Río Dulce Rio Dulce
Day 6 Río Dulce Boat Tour, Transfer to Guatemala City Guatemala City
Day 7 Guatemala City to Lake Atitlán Lake Atitlán
Day 8 Visit Chichicastenango Market, Transfer to Antigua Antigua
Day 9 Antigua Sightseeing Tour Antigua
Day 10 Transfer to Guatemala City & Depart  

This Guatemala outdoor adventure begins with a city tour of the capital's Centro Histórico (Historic Center). Here you'll visit landmarks like the Plaza de la Constitución and the 19th-century Cathedral of Guatemala City. After a scenic drive north into the heart of Guatemalan coffee country, you'll stop at Ram Tzul, a 247-acre nature reserve with a waterfall that plunges 260 feet (80 m) into a lagoon. On day three, travel through indigenous Q'eqchi' Maya towns to Semuc Champey. This fairy-tale locale is famous for its terraced turquoise pools, and you'll have the whole day here to swim.

The next day go tubing in river caves, then head north to Tikal. Enjoy a guided tour of this 222-sq-mile (576-sq-km) park and its awe-inspiring pyramids. After, take a boat tour on the jade waters of the Río Dulce, which snakes through the Guatemalan rainforest. Transfer to Atitlán and visit indigenous villages like San Juan La Laguna. On day eight, head to Chichicastenango, a town famous for its Mercado—an outdoor market that is the biggest in Central America. Here you can shop for handicrafts and handwoven textiles. After returning to Antigua, transfer to the capital and fly home. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Best of Guatemala by Mountain Bike

Grab your helmet and head out on a 10-day ride deep into Guatemala's beautiful western highlands while leaving time for city tours, village hikes, and kayak rides on Lake Atitlán.

Cycling through Guatemala
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Antigua, Explore the City Antigua
Day 2 Antigua Walking Tour Antigua
Day 3 Double Down Ride Antigua
Day 4 Tecpán to Lake Atitlán Backcountry Ride Lake Atitlán
Day 5 Lake Atitlán to Slickrock Ride Lake Atitlán
Day 6 Lake Atitlán Free Day Lake Atitlán
Day 7 Lake Atitlán Kayaking & Hiking Lake Atitlán
Day 8 Lake Atitlán Village Tour Antigua
Day 9 Antigua Mountain Bike Ride, Transfer to Guatemala City Guatemala City
Day 10 Depart Guatemala City  

This cycling adventure in Guatemala's mountains begins with a leisurely walking tour of Antigua. Hit the cobbled streets and visit colonial buildings like the Palacio del Ayuntamiento (City Hall Palace) and the Antigua Guatemala Cathedral, dating to the 16th century. After prepping your bike, you'll head out for your maiden cycling voyage: a 4-hour descent through high-elevation farmland and evergreen forest. On day four, transfer to the backcountry around Lake Atitlán for a ride around pine forests, Maya settlements, and mountain paths with many viewpoints overlooking the lake.

The last full-day ride involves an ascent up mountain trails before dropping down into a river valley and then finishing above the north shore of Atitlán. Give your legs a break on day six and relax by the lake before kayaking across it to hit the trails again on a 1.5-hour hike amid villages. On this route, viewpoints look out to the surrounding volcanoes. Then on day eight, you'll take a boat tour around various villages, like San Juan, famous for its hand-woven textiles. After an easy cycle in the mountains of the Antigua Valley, you'll transfer to Guatemala City and head home. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Guatemala 7 Volcanoes Trek

This 10-day trekking adventure is perfect for anyone who wants to test themselves on hikes up not one but seven of the most majestic volcanoes in Guatemala.

View of Volcán Fuego from your campsite
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Antigua, Explore the City Antigua
Day 2 Summit Volcán Pacaya Antigua
Day 3 Hike Volcán Acatenango & Camp Overnight Volcán Acatenango 
Day 4 Sunrise Hike on Acatenango, Transfer to Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango
Day 5 Trek to Volcán Santa Maria Quetzaltenango
Day 6 Climb Volcán de Zunil, Transfer to Lake Atitlán Panajachel
Day 7 Hike Volcán San Pedro  San Pedro La Laguna
Day 8 Hiking & Birding at Volcán Toliman  San Pedro La Laguna
Day 9 Hike Volcán Paquisis, Transfer to Antigua Antigua
Day 10 Transfer to Guatemala City & Depart  

Upon arrival in Antigua, you'll warm up your legs with an easy, self-guided walking tour. You'll conquer the first peak on a 4-hour hike up Pacaya Volcano on day two. Once at the summit, enjoy a picnic lunch at 7,500 feet (2,288 m) before heading back down across dried lava fields.

On day three, you'll hike up Acatenango Volcano. The ascent passes through cloud forests home to exotic birds like the resplendent quetzal. Your campsite will be just below the treeline at 12,300 feet (3,750 m), and here you'll have dinner with views of the Fuego Volcano's steaming peak. Wake up at dawn for a hike up to Acatenango's peak, where you'll be rewarded with 360° views of the Guatemalan highlands stretching to Mexico. After descending the volcano, transfer to Quetzaltenango, a highland city of K'iche' Maya people. From here, hike to the summit of Volcán Santa Maria at 12,360 feet (3,770 m).

The next day, embark on a 6-hour hike up Zunil Volcano, which offers magnificent views of the surrounding peaks. The fifth volcano on the list is San Pedro, on the west side of Atitlán. A full-day hike takes you 9,900 feet (3,020 m) to the summit and its grand views over the Bay of Santiago. Toliman is next, with an ascent through cloud forests abounding with exotic birdlife like the pavo de cacho (horned guan) to a mountaintop cave at 10,360 feet (3,158 m). It's a quicker 4-hour hike to reach Pasquisis, the last volcano. The following day, you'll transfer back to the capital and depart. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Guatemala - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 10 Days in Guatemala - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas