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Cycling in the Dolomites
Best Time of Year to Visit the Dolomites

Spread across Alto Adige, Trentino, and Veneto in northeastern Italy, and wedged between the Swiss and Austrian Alps, the Dolomites are a year-round mountain destination. Snow sport enthusiasts will have much to enjoy in winter, while hikers, mountain bikers, and travelers seeking more relaxed pursuits can enjoy the other three seasons. Read on to discover the best time of year to visit the Dolomites.

Best Time of Year to Visit the Amalfi Coast

In southern Italy lies the Amalfi Coast, a 31-mile (50 km) stretch of coastline that's the very definition of Mediterannean beauty. Known for its sunkissed lemon groves, pebble beaches, and romantic islands, everyone from rich socialites to budget-conscious tourists holiday here during spring and summer. But despite fluctuations in weather throughout the seasons, the Amalfi Coast offers a great getaway any time of year. You just have to know what to expect.

A woman walks the empty beach of Cefalu in the winter.
Best Time of Year to Visit Sicily

Sicily's iconic beaches, historic palaces, and cathedrals are best visited from May to June or September to October when temperatures hover around 70ºF (21ºC). While the weather is ideal during these periods, be prepared for larger crowds and higher prices. Prices for accommodation drop, and the tourist crowds thin out at other times of the year, making off-season travel a good option. Travel in November and December is highly recommended for these reasons.

Best Time of Year to Visit Southern Italy

Although not an exceptionally large country, Italy has a lot of geographic and climatic variety because of its long and narrow shape. Southern Italy has a generally warm climate, moderated by the Mediterranean that surrounds it. It can be visited year-round, but some seasons are better than others if you wish to avoid the heaviest crowds but still enjoy great weather. Read on to find out more about the best time of year to visit Southern Italy.

Cinque Terre
Best Time of Year to Visit Cinque Terre: Seasons, Travel Tips, & More

Located in northwestern Italy, Cinque Terre is a Mediterranean dreamscape as beautiful as any other in Italy. However, the seasons determine the type of holiday you can expect here. Fall and winter bring grey skies and chilly weather. Summer is the most popular month, with the beaches of Monterosso al Mare overflowing with sunseekers, making the shoulder seasons the ideal time to travel. But there are other secrets to seasonal travel to Cinque Terre, and you'll find them below.

Old Town and port of Mandello del Lario in late summer
Best Time of Year to Visit Italy

When should you go to Italy? Summer is very warm, especially in the south, along with plenty of tourists in pursuit of "la dolce vita." Hit the coast in late spring, early summer, or September when weather is warm and crowds are manageable. Autumn brings moderate temps throughout the country and beautiful foliage in Tuscany—this is also a quiet time of year in Rome and Florence, making it ideal for sightseeing.

Northern Italy
Best Time of Year to Visit Northern Italy

Northern Italy comprises a diverse geographic area, from the mountains and lakes of the far north to the lagoons of Venice and the Italian Riviera around Genoa. Northern Italy experiences cool-to-cold winters and hot summers, and while it can be visited year-round, a major consideration is avoiding the heaviest crowds. Read on to find out more about the best time of year to visit Northern Italy.

Cycling in Tuscany in autumn
Best Time of Year to Visit Tuscany

Tuscany is a fantastic destination throughout the calendar year. But there are advantages to visiting in spring and fall: you'll encounter fewer crowds, avoid high peak-season pricing on hotel rooms, and enjoy comfortable, sunny weather that's ideal for hiking, sightseeing, and the beach. Read on for more details on the best times to visit Tuscany—and the top events you won't want to miss during all four seasons.

Best Time of Year to Visit Venice

Venice is justifiably one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations, with a charming combination of scenic beauty and cultural treasures. But, with immense popularity comes the problem of overtourism. To have the most enjoyable experience in Venice while minimizing your imprint on the local people and surroundings, it's advisable to visit outside the peak season. Read on to find out when is the best time of year to visit Venice.

Panoramic view of Florence
Best Time of Year to Visit Florence

Florence is magnificent at any time of year, but fall is arguably the best time to visit. With mild weather and an absence of large crowds, this season lets you enjoy the city without fighting for space. Spring has similar advantages, and the city comes alive as flowers bloom. Winter is great for people who love holidays and want to avoid long lines. Summer is peak season and brings intense heat, but also provides long days of sunlight and various exciting festivals.

Best Time of Year to Visit Rome

Rome, the Eternal City, is a great destination at any time of year—with a huge variety of cultural and historic riches to explore, it matters little whether the sun is shining or there's snow on the ground. However, being a very popular destination, there are some times of year that are more crowded with tourists than others, and prices also vary depending on the season. Here are some tips for choosing the best time of year to visit Rome.

Map of Guide to Italy's Regions: Where to Go for Beaches, Wine, History & More
Guide to Italy's Regions: Where to Go for Beaches, Wine, History & More

Italy is comprised of 20 different regions, each with its own identity and heritage yet all combined to form the Bel Paese (Beautiful Country) we know and love. While navigating these geographical divisions can be logistically challenging, travelers owe it to themselves see as much of the country as time and budget will allow.

Monte Argentario 
Map of Tuscany Off the Beaten Path: 7 Ways to Go Beyond Florence
Tuscany Off the Beaten Path: 7 Ways to Go Beyond Florence

It’s easy to fall into the Florence trap in Tuscany. While no one is denying the appeal of that most cultured of cities, Tuscany goes way beyond the obvious appeal of Pisa’s leaning tower, Siena’s Palio and popular hill towns like San Gimignano. Read on to find out how you can sidestep the crowds and find Tuscany's off-the-radar highlights.

Getting Off the Beaten Path in Venice
Getting Off the Beaten Path in Venice

Venice is one of the most popular destinations on Earth, with a well-developed hospitality industry that goes back to the early 1800s. It can seem like the city is little more than a giant museum where visitors far outnumber the locals, but it’s surprisingly easy to lose the crowds. Indeed, getting off the beaten path is the best way to appreciate the enduring charm of “La Serenissima”—find out how below.

A cobbled street in Rome's Jewish Ghetto
Getting Off the Beaten Path in Rome

There’s more to Rome than standing in line at the Colosseum and jostling up to the Spanish Steps. With a little insider knowledge (and a pair of decent walking shoes), you can see a totally different side of the Italian capital. See an Egyptian-inspired pyramid, take in the views from hidden hilltop gardens, and stroll through blissfully uncrowded neighborhoods brimming with markets and cafés.

Getting Off the Beaten Path in Florence

As the epicenter of the Renaissance, Florence remains one of Italy’s—and Europe’s—most popular destinations, crammed full of mind-blowing art. But as Mark Twain wrote in Innocents Abroad, “I used to worship the mighty genius of Michelangelo…But I do not want Michelangelo for breakfast, for luncheon, for dinner, for tea, for supper, for between meals. I like a change, occasionally.”

Spoleto at sunset, with the medieval bridge of Ponte delle Torri and Rocca Albornoziana hilltop fortress
Map of 6 Places Most Travelers Miss in Italy (But Shouldn't)
6 Places Most Travelers Miss in Italy (But Shouldn't)

So you’ve ticked off the Colosseum in Rome, boated the canals in Venice, and have come back for more. Bravo, as the Italians would say—there is a lot more to this country than the trophy sights, and enough little-known treasures to fill a lifetime of repeat visits. Get to know the Aeolian Islands, Saturnia, the hill towns of Umbria, and more.

Discover history, culture, and nature in Italy
How kimkim Trips Work in Italy

Italy is one of the most sought after destinations in the world for its history, romance, and (of course) incredible cuisine. Hit the classic stops or head off the beaten path—no matter which route you want to take, kimkim can create a perfectly unique experience.