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Trakai castle at winter
Map of Highlights of the Baltic States - 10 Days
Highlights of the Baltic States - 10 Days

We invite you to tour the castles, palaces, and forests of Europe's Baltic region over 10 unforgettable days. This packed itinerary includes stays in each capital of the three Baltic states, from the historic Old Town of Vilnius, in Lithuania, to the medieval cathedrals of Riga, in Latvia, to the fortress walls of Tallinn, in Estonia. In between, you'll stop at seaside resort towns, hike through national parks, and visit ancient religious pilgrimage sites.

Vilnius Cathedral
Map of Best of Lithuania - 7 Days
Best of Lithuania - 7 Days

Come to the Baltic nation of Lithuania, one of the undiscovered gems of Europe. In just seven days you can experience the highlights, from touring the medieval streets of the capital of Vilnius to visiting the ancient castles dotting the countryside. Moreover, you'll take road trips along the Baltic coast, embark on nature tours, and visit Catholic pilgrimage sites.

Over the fields
Map of Self-Guided Baltic States Highlights - 10 Days
Self-Guided Baltic States Highlights - 10 Days

Visit three of the Baltic states at your own pace with this self-drive itinerary. You'll make your way through both national parks and historic cities and towns as you explore Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, taking in the old town districts, Gothic cathedrals, natural scenery, and more.

Check out the Francis of Assisi Gothic church among others in Vilnius' Old Town
Map of Baltic Capitals:  Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn & Helsinki - 10 Days
Baltic Capitals: Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn & Helsinki - 10 Days

Embark on a whirlwind tour of the Baltic shore capitals of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland on this 10-day trip. Start south in Vilnius before moving north to Riga, Tallinn, and Helsinki. In each, take advantage of guided walking tours that hit up significant landmarks and medieval old towns. Use your free time to see a less touristy side of these often underrated cities. In between, make day trips to visit an island castle and trek through Estonian bogs.

Riga, Latvia
Map of Exploring the Baltic Capitals - 7 Days
Exploring the Baltic Capitals - 7 Days

Spanning three capital cities throughout Europe's Baltic region, this weeklong itinerary is your key to the charms of Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn. In each of these capitals, you'll take walking tours of the historic city center and visit medieval castles, ancient churches, and historic monuments. You'll also make day trips to the Baltic coast and visit art museums and romantic parks.

Map of Best of Lithuania - 5 Days
Best of Lithuania - 5 Days

In just five days you can experience the highlights of Lithuania on tours of its historic cities, country villages, and stunning coastline. It begins in Old Town Vilnius, the nation's capital, and from there you'll travel to rural castles and scenic lakes. After enjoying some time on the Baltic coast, you'll return to Vilnius but not before stopping at a historic Catholic pilgrimage site.

Old street on Warsaw, Poland
Map of European Amber Road Tour - 14 Days
European Amber Road Tour - 14 Days

Follow Europe's ancient amber trading route through five countries as you discover local art and history. Explore medieval town squares, taste the infamous amber drink, and try your hand at netting amber pieces from the Baltic Sea. End your journey in spectacular St. Peterburg to see rococo castles and the crown jewel of the amber road—the extravagant Amber Room.

Gauja National Park in Latvia
Map of Nature & History in the Baltics - 9 Days
Nature & History in the Baltics - 9 Days

This nine-day tour provides the ultimate off-the-beaten-path adventure in Europe. Starting in Lithuania's historic capital, you'll travel west to the Baltic coast to bike and relax on sand dunes and pretty beaches. Then, continue to Latvia's capital, where you'll explore medieval buildings and exquisite Art Nouveau architecture. Finish with some day trips to impressive palaces and castles—as well as a gorgeous national park—before returning to cobblestoned Riga for a range of restaurants and cafés.

Lithuania's Curonian Spit
Baltic Outdoor Adventure: Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia - 20 Days

Immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of Baltic Europe on this adventurous 20-day itinerary. Spanning Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, you'll explore medieval capitals, ancient forests, and windswept coastlines as you kayak, canoe, cycle, and hike your way through the spectacular and shifting scenery. Unforgettable excursions include exploring the sand dunes of the Curonian Spit by bike, bobsledding down the rugged slopes of Sigulda, and paddling along the pristine rivers of Soomaa National Park.

See the Memorial Museum of Holocaust and Vilna Ghetto
Map of Jewish Heritage in Lithuania & Latvia - 10 Days
Jewish Heritage in Lithuania & Latvia - 10 Days

Over 10 days in the Baltics, you'll discover Lithuania and Latvia's historic landmarks, plus embark on a cultural tour of Jewish heritage. It's a comprehensive itinerary covering museums, Jewish minority communities, historic synagogues, former ghettoes, and various memorials to the thousands of Jews in the Baltics who the Nazis murdered. You will also have time to visit seaside towns and cities, home to some of the most gorgeous coastlines in the region.

Discover the nature, culture, and history of the Baltics
Map of Discover the Baltics - 14 Days
Discover the Baltics - 14 Days

This two-week holiday is your opportunity to discover northeast Europe and three beautiful countries hugging the Baltic Sea. You'll arrive in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, where you'll tour medieval castles and cathedrals. Then it's off to Latvia and Estonia to visit the lakes and forests of their national parks, go on walking tours of ancient towns and cities, and overnight in opulent countryside manor homes. You'll even have the option for a quick day trip to Finland.

Explore the Beer Culture of Lithuania
Discover Traditional Beer Brewing in Lithuania - 5 Days

Discover the traditional brews of Lithuania on this beer tour, starting in Vilnius with a day trip to Trakai Castle on Lake Galve. Explore the Biržai Region where traditional brewing methods still dominate the market, learning about this rich history in the beer museum of Biržai Fortress. End the trip in Lithuania's old capital of Kaunas for two brewery tours at STUMBRAS Brewery and Genys Brewing Company, plus a visit to the quirky Devil's Museum.

A view of historic Riga
Map of Exploring Jewish Heritage in Eastern Europe - 9 Days
Exploring Jewish Heritage in Eastern Europe - 9 Days

This multi-country itinerary is aimed at travelers who want to connect with their Jewish heritage and ancestry in Eastern Europe. You'll begin your trip in Vilnius, where you will learn about the Vilna Gaon, continue on to Kaunas to see a gilded synagogue and the medieval old town, and make your way to the powerful Ninth Fort Museum and Monument. On the latter half of your trip, you'll explore Lithuania's historical sites and famous beach town before spending a final day in Tallinn, Estonia.

Lithuanian Beer
Map of Authentic Lithuania: Castles, Culture, & Craft Beer - 3 Days
Authentic Lithuania: Castles, Culture, & Craft Beer - 3 Days

On this quick, three-day tour of Lithuania anchored in Vilnius, you’ll explore cultural sites, along with plenty of brewery tours and tastings along the way. You’ll also attend a basketball game featuring the decorated BC Žalgiris team, visit a castle in Kaunas, and take a trip to the Biržai region, complete with its historical beer museum.

Discover the tranquil lakes and unspoiled nature of Lithuania's Aukstaitija National Park
Explore Lithuania's Aukstaitija National Park by Kayak - 7 Days

Home to ancient pine forests, tranquil rivers, and hundreds of interconnected lakes, Lithuania's Aukstaitija National Park is a paradise for kayakers. On this week-long adventure, you'll get your bearings in the capital of Vilnius before heading to Trakai for an afternoon of paddling around its spectacular island castle. Then it's on to the country's oldest national park, where you'll spend four days kayaking through crystal clear waters and discovering a land of riverside villages, grassy islets, and unspoiled nature.

Saint Isaacs Cathedral, St. Petersburg
Map of Baltic Highlights: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia & Russia - 16 Days
Baltic Highlights: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia & Russia - 16 Days

This grand Baltic tour takes you through the highlights of four countries. Start in Lithuania, where you'll explore laid-back Vilnius, cross into Latvia and enjoy time in the countryside and Riga. Then, continue to picturesque Tallinn, Estonia before ending the tour in the imperial Russian city of St. Petersburg, where churches and regal palaces continue to attract visitors from all over the world.

Beach on Curonian Spit
Cities and Nature in Lithuania - 7 Days

This week-long trip combines Lithuania's biggest cities with its natural scenery, starting in the lively capital city of Vilnius with a guided walking tour of its historic medieval core. Explore the old town of Kaunas and escape into the countryside with trips to Takai Castle on Lake Galvė and the ancient sites of Kernavė. End your trip in the coastal city of Klaipėda, relaxing and biking along the sand dunes of Curonian Spit.

View of Cathedral Square in Vilnius
Map of Nature Tours in the Baltics - 10 Days
Nature Tours in the Baltics - 10 Days

This 10-day adventure into the Baltic's great outdoors combines epic hiking and cycling excursions. Besides the unspoiled national parks, rivers, beaches, and wetlands, you'll also discover the capitals of the Baltic states—Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia—on city tours. Also, witness awe-inspiring medieval history in the form of ancient castles, palaces, and cathedrals that are some of the most impressive in all of Europe.