On this 7-day trip, you'll discover the unique history and culture of this Baltic destination. Start in the baroque city of Vilnius, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and continue on to see impeccably preserved medieval towns, white-sand dunes, and the Hill of Crosses, one of the holiest sites of Catholic Lithuania.


  • Tour the Baroque City of Vilnius
  • See the wonders of Trakai Peninsula Castle
  • Explore the white-sand beaches of the Curonian Spit
  • See the famous Hill of Crosses

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Vilnius Vilnius
Day 2 Day-Trip to Kernavé & Tour of Kaunas Kaunas
Day 3 Explore the German City of Klaipėda Klaipėda
Day 4 Day-Trip to Curonian Spit  Klaipėda
Day 5 Transfer to Šiauliai for the Hill of Crosses Šiauliai
Day 6 Historic Villages of Naisiai & Stelmužė Vilnius
Day 7 Depart Vilnius  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Vilnius

Vilnius Old Town
Aerial view of Vilnius

Welcome to Lithuania! A driver will meet you at the airport to transfer you to your hotel in Vilnius.

Vilnius is known for its more than 1,200 medieval buildings and churches, so consider spending your free time walking around and enjoying the architecture. If you'd like, you can join a sightseeing tour that includes a panoramic tour of the city and a walking tour of the Old Town where you can see Vilnius Cathedral, Gediminas Tower, Peter and Paul Church, St. Anna’s Church, the Old University and the Gates of Dawn.  

In the afternoon, you can tour the well-preserved Trakai Peninsula Castle, which is located on an island in Lake Galve. After that, you can explore the Trakai Historical National Park.

Day 2: Day-Trip to Kernavé & Tour of Kaunas

Explore the medieval architecture in Kernavé

Today, a driver will meet you at your hotel in the morning and drive you to Kernavé—the medieval capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The impressive natural landscape, influential history, and valuable archaeological finds have put Kernave Archaeological Site on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List.

Next, you'll continue on to Kaunas where you can admire the beautiful Old Town and the 16th-century Baroque Town Hall. Kaunas is one of Lithuania’s most charming cities, and as it's located between the Nemunas and Neris rivers, there are plenty of sites to take in as you wander its streets. Enjoy dinner on your own before you return to your hotel for the night.

Day 3: Explore the German City of Klaipėda

Historic buildings in Klaipėda

Today, you'll enjoy breakfast before a driver picks you up at your hotel to take you to Palanga. Once there, you can see the Botanical Gardens and the Amber Museum that's housed in the former Tiskevicius Palace before hopping in the car once again to head to your final destination of Klaipėda.

Klaipėda first became a part of Lithuania in 1923, after a long history of German influence, and you'll be able to see the lingering German touches in the Old Town with its narrow cobblestone streets and old guild houses. Make sure you stop by the Theatre Square and the Aennchen von Tharau Fountain on your way to dinner. After you're done exploring, you'll stay the night at a hotel in Klaipėda.

Day 4: Day-Trip to the Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit beach
Curonian Spit beach

Today, a driver will meet you at your hotel to take you to the Curonian Spit, a thin, 60-mile (98 km) stretch of land between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon that's lined with small fishing villages, pine forests and white-sand dunes. After you see sites like the outdoor sculpture garden called the Hill of Witches, the High Dunes, and author Thomas Mann’s historic summer house, you'll return to your hotel in Klaipėda.

Day 5: Transfer to Šiauliai for the Hill of Crosses

Hill of Crosses
A view of the Hill of Crosses

From the Klaipeda, we continue to Šiauliai to see the Hill of Crosses, one of the holiest Catholic pilgrimage sites in Lithuania. Though the exact origins of the first crosses are still shrouded in a bit of mystery, more than 100,000 crosses now stand on this hill. The tradition of placing crosses at this site is believed to have started in the 1830's, and pilgrims still travel here to place their own crosses on the hill to this day.

After you finish walking around the site, you'll return to Šiauliai where you'll stay overnight.

Day 6: Explore the Historic Villages of Naisiai & Stelmužė

Stelmužė Oak Tree
Stelmužė Oak Tree

After breakfast in Šiaulai, you'll take a transfer to the nearby village of Naisiai. A modern artist's famous wooden sculpture park of ancient Baltic gods is here, so be sure to take a stroll around the trails. Further along in Stelmužė, you'll be able to see the Stelmužė Oak Tree, the oldest tree in all of Europe. After you wander around this ancient area, you'll continue on to Vilnius where you'll be able to decide how to spend your final night.

Day 7: Depart Lithuania

It's time to say farewell to Lithuania! After breakfast at your hotel, enjoy the last of your free time in historic Vilnius. A representative will meet you at your hotel and drive you to the airport for your return flight home.


Map of Best of Lithuania - 7 Days
Map of Best of Lithuania - 7 Days