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One of the liveliest towns in the Algarve, Lagos is a prime destination for all manner of outdoor adventures. It’s a short hop by ferry across a narrow channel to the lovely Meia Praia, a long beach of golden sands with little development. You can reach even more stunning coastline just a short drive or boat trip out of Lagos. The town itself is a wanderer’s delight, with a handsome cobblestone center dotted with tile-covered buildings. You’ll find stylish guesthouses, fabulous restaurants and the Algarve’s best bars, with well-placed terraces for watching the evening street scene unfold. 

Day trips from Lagos take you to some of the most stunning scenery in the Algarve. Previous kimkim travelers have taken memorable catamaran trips to cinematic spots along the coastline, with stops for snorkeling along the way. You can also get active on kayaking excursions, visiting the wondrous Benagil Cave, an atmospheric grotto reachable only by sea. Sailing is another memorable way to experience the Algarve, and you can head off on sunset trips or a gourmet lunch cruise. The overlooked interior offers its own rewards, including hiking trips, birdwatching and visits to off-the-beaten-track villages. You can also take a cooking class and dine on a traditional Algarvian farm.
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The Best Boutique Hotels in Lagos

The key to a stay in the city of Lagos is easy access to the sea. If you want to stay within the city, a spot along the marina will give you water views and easy walking access to shops and restaurants, or go just a bit farther along the cliffs to immerse yourself in a wellness retreat.

Beach paths along the Algarve's southern coast
Map of Lisbon & the Algarve - 7 Days
Lisbon & the Algarve - 7 Days

This weeklong itinerary covers Portugal's biggest metropolis and its southern coast for a city-beach combo that's hard to beat. Kick off in Europe's hottest capital—Lisbon—for a guided introduction to the 'City of Seven Hills', including nearby highlights like Sintra and Cascais. Then, take the train south for several days of glorious beach-hopping while based in a charming old city surrounded by stone walls: Lagos.

Ponta da Piedade
Map of Portugal: Lisbon City & Lagos Coast - 5 Days
Portugal: Lisbon City & Lagos Coast - 5 Days

Discover Portugal's dynamic capital and explore the country's sunny south on this trip plan, which takes you from Lisbon to Lagos in the Western Algarve. Soak up the sun, take delicious and authentic cuisine, and lose yourself either wandering through historic streets or eating through the waves. If you're passionate about beautiful beaches and capturing stunning landscapes, this itinerary is for you!

A bougainvillea-lined walkway in the Algarve
Map of Lisbon & the Algarve - 10 Days
Lisbon & the Algarve - 10 Days

This 10-day trip splits time between Portugal's exciting capital and its southern coast while moving at a relaxed pace. Kick off the adventure in up-and-coming Lisbon for a guided introduction to the 'City of Seven Hills', including nearby highlights like Sintra and Cascais. Then, choose your own day-trip before taking the train to Lagos for several days of golden beaches and picturesque villages in the Algarve.

Faro old town
Map of Portugal: The Algarve Region - 5 Days
Portugal: The Algarve Region - 5 Days

Spend five days exploring the spectacular Algarve region, Portugal's southernmost area that sweeps westward to the Atlantic. You'll spend quality time in the region's two main cities — Faro and Lagos — and will discover gorgeous churches in Tavira, stunning beaches, phenomenal cliffside panoramas, and the area's incredible food. Plus you'll have plenty of time to lounge on the sand, cruise along the coast, and unwind amid urban charm and natural splendor.

Porto's colorful riverfront
Portugal Relaxed Self-Drive: Lisbon, Porto, Évora & Lagos - 14 Days

This two-week Portuguese odyssey combines cities, countryside, and coast for a road trip to remember. Savor traditional cuisine in Lisbon, lose yourself in the riverside neighborhoods of Porto, explore vineyards and cork forests around Évora, and soak up some sun on the golden beaches of Lagos. Along the way, a series of guided tours introduce you to the culture and customs of each city, while plenty of downtown means you can cut loose and choose your own adventure on day trips.

Camilo Beach in Lagos
Map of Lisbon, Porto & the Algarve - 10 Days
Lisbon, Porto & the Algarve - 10 Days

Experience three of Portugal's most iconic destinations on this 10-day trip starting in Lisbon where you'll tour ancient ruins, cobbled streets, and a UNESCO-listed village in the forested hills. Next, head north to Porto—famous for wine production and colorful architecture along the Douro River. The hardest decisions fall at the end where you can choose between spectacular beaches and white-washed villages in the Algarve.

Roman Temple, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Évora
Map of Discover Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Évora & the Algarve - 10 Days
Discover Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Évora & the Algarve - 10 Days

See the highlights of Portugal's cities, beaches, and gorgeous towns on this fantastic itinerary that takes you through the country's must-see gems. Explore the urban centers of Lisbon and Porto with the help of experts, in-the-know-locals, and unique opportunities to see — and taste! — the wonderful vibrancy of Portugal. You'll also visit tiny villages, imposing palaces, and dramatic beach towns that off-the-beaten-path. This trip plan is a wonderful option if it's your first time in the country!

Sagres, Algarve
Map of Portugal: the Algarve Region - 7 Days
Portugal: the Algarve Region - 7 Days

Explore the sensational Algarve on this comprehensive seven-day itinerary that takes you all around Portugal famed region. You'll have ample time in Faro, the Algarve's main hub, and will travel out to see incredible nature parks, tiny towns off-the-beaten-path, and a collection of the best beaches in all of Portugal. Enjoy breathtaking views from coastal cliffs, tackle world-famous surf breaks, wander cobblestone streets in centuries-old towns, or relax on the warm sands of this beautiful region.

Sunset from the Cabo da Roca near Lisbon
Map of Ultimate Portugal Tour: Lisbon, Porto, The Algarve, Douro Valley, & More - 14 Days
Ultimate Portugal Tour: Lisbon, Porto, The Algarve, Douro Valley, & More - 14 Days

This itinerary includes Portugal's two biggest cities, a slew of historic villages, and some spectacular beaches for an epic adventure to remember. Start off in up-and-coming Lisbon to explore ancient ruins and trendy districts before making your way north to UNESCO-listed Porto (and its nearby wine region). You'll also get time in the university towns of Évora and Coimbra—each with their own medieval attractions and dining scenes—before kicking back for a few days in the Algarve.

Sunset in Aveiro
Explore Portugal's Coast: Porto, Lisbon, The Algarve, & Peneda-Gerês National Park - 14 Days

Explore Portugal's epic coast and spend time discovering city centers, tiny towns, and picturesque beaches on this 14-day trip plan. You'll enjoy guided tours of Porto and Lisbon and will hike through the stunning landscapes in Peneda-Gerês National Park. With the Atlantic at your side, you'll discover beautiful towns like Viana do Castelo, Braga, and Aveiro (whose Venice-like canals are sure to charm you). Make the most of the coast with stops in gorgeous Lagos and surfing hotspots like Vila Nova de Milfontes and Sagres. 

Sandstone formations at Camilo Beach (two beaches connected through a tunnel)
Map of Portugal: Lisbon, Évora & Lagos - 7 Days
Portugal: Lisbon, Évora & Lagos - 7 Days

This is the ultimate weeklong introduction to Portugal's southern half. The trip starts in the up-and-coming capital of Lisbon where you'll tour the city—and nearby villages—with a local. From here, drive into the Alentejo region for a night in Évora's inner-walled town known for its university and dining scene. Finish the adventure with a train ride to Lagos for fabulous beaches and stunning views in and around the Algarve.

The glow of sunset along Portugal's coast
Map of Coastal Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, & The Algarve - 10 Days
Coastal Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, & The Algarve - 10 Days

Escape to the coast on this gorgeous 10-day exploration, that includes ample time is Porto and Lisbon, and stops through charming seafaring towns with fantastic beaches, delicious fresh seafood, and dramatic coastlines. Go hiking in the unparalleled beauty of Peneda-Gerês National Park, hit the waves in the surfing hot-spot of Sagres, and laze in the sand on the Instagram-worthy beaches of the Algarve. 

Marinha Beach in Portimão
Map of Best of Portugal, from Porto to Algarve - 8 Days
Best of Portugal, from Porto to Algarve - 8 Days

This tour mixes Portugal's vibrant cities with the incredible natural scenery of the Algarve region, starting with guided tours of Porto and Lisbon's hilly and historic neighborhoods. Enjoy a day trip to the Douro Valley for a tasting of the region's wine and port varietals, then head south to Algarve to explore its water sports, preserved coastal parks, and endless coastline filled with sandy beaches and rock formations. Spend hours relaxing on the beach, hiking along the coast, or meandering the historic fishing villages, all before watching dramatic sunsets and experiencing the area's exceptional nightlife.

Lisbon, Portugal
Map of Romantic Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Évora, Douro Valley, Algarve - 14 Days
Romantic Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Évora, Douro Valley, Algarve - 14 Days

Experience the beauty, depth, and romanticism of Portugal, in this 14-day road trip that will show you the variety of the Portuguese landscape, from the city to villages and beaches.  You'll experience the art and culture of Lisbon, see the fairytale village of Sintra, sip wine in Porto, and explore the wonders of Évora.

Crashing waves in Porto, Portugal's second largest city
Map of Best of Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Douro Valley, & More - 14 Days
Best of Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Douro Valley, & More - 14 Days

This exciting two-week itinerary combines cosmopolitan cities, medieval architecture, and spectacular beaches for a Portuguese trip of a lifetime. After exploring Lisbon with a local guide, you'll stay in the fairytale village of Sintra and the surf town of Nazaré. Then work your way north to UNESCO-listed Porto and its nearby wine region before heading to the university town of Évora. End the trip in pure bliss with some beach time in the western Algarve.

The Old Quarter in Seville, Spain
Map of Porto, Lisbon, the Algarve & Sevilla - 21 Days
Porto, Lisbon, the Algarve & Sevilla - 21 Days

See the very best of Portugal and western Andalucía with a perfect mix of highlights and the off-the-beaten-track treasures. Start in Porto, then continue down the coast through historic Lisbon to the beautiful beaches of the Algarve. Continue to Seville to soak in Andalucia's culture and gastronomy, then end your trip in metropolitan Madrid for stunning art museums and bustling city avenues.

Take in a sunset over Porto and the Douro River
Map of Best of Portugal from Porto to Albufeira - 9 days
Best of Portugal from Porto to Albufeira - 9 days

This complete nine-day itinerary combines urban exploration in historic cities with stunning rural and coastal excursions for an exciting overview of Portugal. You'll begin in the north in charming Porto and with a private driver, work your way south to Lisbon ending your stay in the Algarve in Albufeira. Along the way, you'll explore the golden triangle of Sintra, Cascais, and Estoril outside of Lisbon as well as spend some time at the end of the world in Lagos, Sagres, and Cabo de São Vicente.

Other popular travel destinations in Portugal
Lisbon · Porto · Sintra · Douro Valley · Algarve · Évora · Alentejo · Coimbra · Nazaré · Óbidos · Madeira · The Azores · São Miguel Island · Peneda-Gerês National Park