Our trip was the trip of a lifetime! After ou...
Scotland | Jun 6 - Jun 13, 2022

Lindsey F.
Lynchburg, OH | Reviewed on Jun 18, 2022

Our trip was the trip of a lifetime! After our long day of flying we were met at hotel du vin by the unbelievable staff! Ben actually parked our car in their disabled parking for us so that my mom wouldn’t have to walk back and forth from the qpark. He was an exceptional human and I hope to pass on his kindness!
Our driver guides, Stuart for Edinburgh and Ian for The Isle of Skye were nothing short of amazing! They were so kind and knowledgeable and generally good people. I highly recommend them both for anyone wishing for a guided tour of the area! Stuart took us to Blackness Castle, where part of Outlander was filmed and Ian went off of his way to take us to Skye Skyns. It was the best!
Driving through Edinburgh was a bit rough just due to the unbelievable amount of people and traffic, but eventually we got the hang of it!
Owen was wonderful during this entire process and really planned a trip tailored to us! He even had a Scottish history book sent to our hotel! It was a wonderful heartfelt surprise!
I will absolutely use Owen and KimKim for all trips we plan in the future!

Local specialist: Owen Davies