Amazing trip to Guatemala with Oldtown Oldfitters - Feb 1 - Feb 9, 2020

Traveler: Brunna A. - Local specialist: Chris Gwinner

My experience at KimKim began with Chris Gewinner's support and advice, he was always super attentive and helped us create the best plan according to our wishes and expectations. The trip was amazing. Everyone at Oldtown Oldfitters was super available to help and give us details on the itinerary. The highlight for us was Diego, who was our guide in Pacaya and Altitlan, he was an amazing guide, super into what he was doing, willing to help and explain every detail, always with a smile on his face. He really made the difference on our trip, we are happy to say we made a friend! The tours were also great, every place we went was breathtaking. Guatemala is indeed an unforgettable country with beautiful landscapes and a rich and beautiful culture.

The only downside for us was the lack of details we were given regarding our two day trip to Semuc Champey, we knew it was going to be a long drive but no one told us we would need to stay 22hours in a bus. Plus, the agency that drove us back from Semuc to Antigua was super disorganized. The bus driver stop in the middle of the road to change buses and that took us 40 minutes, everyone (aprox 30 people) had to hop down the bus, in a heat of 30C degrees, wait for the bus drivers to change the luggage from a bus to the other. That took us 40 minutes and no one explained the reason why that was happening. Plus, when we got to Antigua, the bus driver dropped us off in a random place at 9PM, we had no battery on our phones after the 13h drive, we had to carry our luggage and walk in circles until after 30 minutes when we finally found our hotel.

I told Oldtown about my disappointment with the trip and also told them this was the only bad thing that happened. Despite that, I super reccommend KimKim and Oldtown but I think more details should be given in the plan.