Yogesh has been very good and helpful, he mad... - Jan 24 - Jan 31, 2020

Traveler: Zhen L. - Local specialist: Raj Gyawali

Yogesh has been very good and helpful, he made my whole trip. Everything went exactly as in the itinerary, except for a minor mistake on Temple Tree Hotel check out and pick up time. The hotel staff told me the wrong time which was one and half hour earlier than the arranged. The last day photograph tour was the best, far beyond my exception. The guide was a super kind and knowledgeable gentleman. He was the best during this trip.

Overall, great experience. I will surely consider Social Tour next time in Nepal.

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Raj Gyawali, local specialist, responded to this review:

Zhen, thanks for the wonderful review and apologies for the miscommunication in the hotel in Pokhara. They constantly change staff and sometimes communication between the teams is not always perfect.

I will definitely let Yogesh know how good you felt under his care. He has recently joined the company and is already a great asset in preparing all the logistics for the trip.

Thanks for taking the time, and thanks for the review. See you soon again in Nepal!