Explore Norway | Hiking and Roadtrip | The Fjords - Jun 23 - Jul 2, 2018

Traveler: Tushar S. - Local specialist: Ingrid Thornes

Dear Ingrid and Kimkim
Why there are only five stars in rating? I deeply appreciate your help in planning, booking my short 10-day trip to Norway. Found myself to be very lucky to discover Ingrid and Kimkim. It turned out to be most fabulous trip. Weather was excellent as well.

My wife and I have been travelling abroad for the sightseeing at least twice a year for last 20+ years. We take ride in designing the itinerary and make the booking ourselves. This was rare exception. Here also I planned to join the itinerary made by my friends.

However Ingrid was so good, so resourceful and helpful, after getting her quick prompt replies, I could not let her go and not take her She help. She precisely made all the bookings at the hotels, excursions, train, ferry tickets consistent with bookings done by my friends with no error or mix up. She was excellent in understanding all requirements, changes and communication via e-mail as well as phone calls. She has very good command over English. In writing and speaking. She managed to get all the bookings where my friend original travel agent could not. She was very resourceful, insightful and prompt with absolutely no pressure. She provided me additional contacts when needed. She was frank to inform me of the areas (like Stockholm) where she was not most familiar. Few days later my son joined me for the driving tour. The whole trip was very smooth and without any glitches. She and Kimmkim were very price competitive as well and I did not have to concerned at all about the cost of the agent’s services.

Ingrid provided her phone number, e-mail and was in constant communication with me during the trip as needed. I got a chance to meet her in person at Bergen. Very smart, warm, friendly young lady. I felt like having a local young personal friend.

Norway was stunningly beautiful. I will be posting pictures and write-ups at my blog TusharInIceland.blogspot.com in coming days. I do wish to visit Norway again with my wife with alternative driving trips and areas in north like Lofoten Islands, North of Alta, Svalbard etc. with my wife. I will also consult kimkim for future trips to Vietnam and Nepal..

Kimkim specializes the travel with local travel agent who know the place and culture well. Maybe Kimkim can consider an expansion of “meal with local family” (done by Trafalgar) or cultural event like wedding or trip on special events like constitution day for the travelers interested in the cultural tourism. Highly and strongly recommend Ingrid and Kimkim.

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Ingrid Thornes, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Tushar,

Thank you so so much for the very nice review you posted! I highly value your feedback and I am so thankful for all the pictures you have sent! Thank you for being so great and it was so nice to meet you in Bergen!

I will definitely be in touch when I am traveling to the US again- hopefully soon!

All the best and thank you so so much again!