Active and history - Sep 1 - Sep 7, 2018

Traveler: Karen S. - Local specialist: Midgard Adventure Team

I communicated with Tanya using KimKim. My questions were answered within 24 hours (except on weekends or her days off). The responses I received were direct, professional, respectful, and thorough. I had concerns about communicating via email, as it took more time than if I communicated by phone, but the result was as complete and satisfying as it might have been by phone.

The staff at Midgard, with no exceptions, were helpful, polite, welcoming, and responsive. Tanya actually loaned me her clothes and shoes since my luggage hadn't arrived, and I was to go on a Super Jeep tour that would include weather changes, and river walking.

The dorm rooms, bathrooms, showers, and community room were clean and modern, and the beds private - with curtains facilitating the privacy. There was room at the foot of the bed to put some personal item and locked drawers sufficient to hold everything I had - and more.

I took the Super jeep Tour to Thorsmork (please excuse my Icelandic spelling from this point on!). Clara, the guide, was a terrific story teller, and provided a varied experience, including physical activity, which I found refreshing.

The Landmannalauger tour was less interesting to me - a lot of driving, and some opportunities for photos - with a short hike and a hot springs experience. This might be more suited for people who prefer an easier tour.

Unfortunately, there were several experiences I was unable to have - a biking trip and 2 of the shorter hikes - because there were not enough people signed up. The bike I rented was unsafe, but they had others I could use - I declined, but decided to try later, and Tanya, again my hero, loaned me her bike.

I went horseback riding - a treat, and snorkeled the tectonic plate divide - also a treat. Also, "Lava" the volcano and earthquake exhibit nearby was an amazing experiential education about both.

The meals I had there were excellent.