Quiglayshan vacation - Jul 13 - Jul 27, 2018

Traveler: Kristy L. - Local specialist: Kelly Fitzgerald

Wonderfully planned and stress-free trip! Every connection was seemless and timely. Ben was amazing keeping in touch during one unexpected change. We especially liked our quad bike adventure & guide, diving at Kuata with Brad, and with Semi and Epi at barefoot manta. Saki was an amazing host at manta.

When we were ready to leave manta the money hadn’t been paid by Kimkim, but the manager Lauren said, “no worries... they always pay. We’lol sort it out” and they let us leave without $$ in place for our 3 day food and lodging! Glad to hear you have a great relationship with the places.

We discovered a hidden gem in Boitaira ... good food, beautiful beach, chill village hike, friendly staff (be prepared for a few bugs and critters in your bure)