Trip to Nepal - May 18 - Jun 5, 2019

Traveler: Karen W. - Local specialist: Kripa Sunuwar

Review for Nepal Tibet trip from 18th May – 5th June 2019
Unforgettable Nepal, I was back to this country again for trekking to Lower Mustang,
which is very similar to Tibet Plateau?
First time domestic flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara without delay, leaving me plenty time to explore this town again either food or shopping. Stunning view from plane flying from Pokhara to Jomsom and landed on an “unbelievable” that it’s an airport! Weather changed from hot Pokhara to a dry and cool Mustang, made me felt fresh and excited to begin with the trekking. I like the 2st 3 days trek, as it took only 3 – 5 hours for each day, so I have sometimes to explore the town and mesmerized to the scenery,
unique building structure, “oasis within a desert”, monastery and cold dry air. However, the last day back to Jomson via Lubra....aw...I was taken so long hours to reach the main road which completely out of expectation, but I will never never forget this part of journey, rocky road with some “stream” and very very strong wind always push me walking backward rather than helping me to walk faster, so you can imagine how difficult to walk against strong wind.
I am feeling thankful to guide, Suman, who were always helping me to carry my heavy backpack, patiently waiting for me and assisting me on walking through difficult trail. Even though the whole trekking trail not consider difficult, but it does really required certain level of fitness and stamina if wanted to complete all according to planned hours especially the last day.

Next chapter of this trip would be Tibet.
Travelling to Tibet was my dream and finally I have completed once in my life time experience in Tibet though most of the days were cloudy and sometimes rain. I saw the iconic Potala Palace, scenic Yomdruk Lake, awe inspiring Mt Everest from base camp, played snow at Gong Tang La Pass.
Felt the elevation at the 5000+.......This part of the review short and sweet, as really need to experience it personally. I hope this is not going to be my once in life time travel to Tibet, wish to be back there again with nice clear weather.
I am really grateful to driver (Dawa) and guide (Tseten), both of them really taken good care of me, always check and ensure that I did not experience the altitude sickness. I felt safe and comfortable throughout my whole trip as he has excellent driving skill, sharing and taking plenty of beautiful photos and left me with lots of memorable pictures. Experience guide who discussed and give suggestion if possible depend on the affordable flexibility that he can in order for me to have pleasant and enjoyable trip in order to prevent altitude issue.

Last, I would like to thank Kripa who planned this wonderful trip for me again and arranged Bimba to brief me on the Tibet trip, he (Bimba) also always called to ensure my safety in Tibet. Thanks Anil help at Nepal border when back from Tibet and shared with me the history of Nuwakot. Hope to see you guys in future visit.

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Kripa Sunuwar, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear Karen, It's always a pleasure seeing you again and again. Thank you for loving Nepal and re-visiting with us again.

Looking forward to meeting you again in the coming days.

Till then stay healthy!

Warm wishes,