Quito, Galápagos - Dec 20 - Dec 31, 2019

Traveler: Nancy C. - Local specialist: Isabel Pérez

Every aspect of our trip was well choreographed. Isabel did a great job making sure things moved along seamlessly. Our cruise on the Coral 1 in the Galapagos was wonderful. The staff was very professional, knowledgeable and kind. The snorkeling was fabulous. We then went to the rainforest. What an experience- one extreme to another. We enjoyed our canoe trips and jungle walks immensely. One thing I would strongly recommend is flying in and out of the amazon instead of driving. That was not at all fun. In all, my family as I were very pleased with our trip!

Isabel Pérez profile photo
Isabel Pérez, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Nancy! thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.
I'm happy to hear that you had a wonderful time, I know your family was looking forward to snorkeling especially, and of course, an adventure in the rainforest.
Regarding transportation to the rainforest, right now there is only one airline that flights, but this year two more airlines will start flying, hopefully, this would make the flights more reliable and so, the tours to the rainforest more comfortable!