Ecuador was an amazing trip in the midst of a pandemic...
Ecuador | Dec 31 - Jan 9, 2021

Kim M.
Newport News, VA | Apr 03, 2021

Ecuador was an amazing trip in the midst of a pandemic and an uncertain time within the world. It was a much needed vacation, and not one time did we feel unsafe or at risk due to covid. Extra precautions were taken, and everything went off without a hitch. From volcanoes, to hiking, to city experiences, Amazon adventures and more, there is nothing I would change about our trip.

"Fresh Eddie" our tour guide was one of the highlights for us! He graciously accepted our nickname given to him by me and my significant other and truly went out of his way to make our trip one of our best yet! His knowledge of the places we went to and the routes to get there was top notch. We loved him greatly and found a friend for life!

Gabor who helped plan our trip through KimKim is/was a Saint!! I know I drove him crazy with my itinerary changes, questions and concerns, and he just couldn't have handled me better! Haha He was so patient, so detailed and just definitely one of the reasons our trip went so well. He even called me towards the end just to see how everything was going and helped to make a last minute adjustment we didn't know we needed to make.

Overall, I give KimKim and the people they brought into my life a 10 because they are an awesome trip planning site, and I love everything about our trip! I tell all my friends about your site because this isn't my first trip planned through you all and won't be my last!

Local specialist: Gabor Csizmadia