Major Landmarks, Safari, and Mysore Wedding Visit - Feb 12 - Feb 23, 2018

Traveler: Ronnie B. - Local specialist: Priya Dikshit

I was quite exacting in my trip planning and Bhupendra was with me all the way in the planning process. I asked for something specific and he made it happen and was checking in with me along the way. The places I went and the places I stayed were as expected, and I always had at least one person responsible for my well being at all times. I can't ask for much more than that.

That being said, know what you're getting into with a trip to India. Guides tend to have a bit of a routine with the tourists. Including showing you the designated landmark of the day, but also taking you to the shops and restaurants where they have an "arrangement" with the owners. Or riding in their friend's rickshaw. These are not bad places, but it's difficult to get anything you might call authentic when you are doing this. Unfortunately I got the impression that I was either going to be in the standard segregated tourist experience or that I was going to be really far off the beaten trail, perhaps to the point of feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. With no possibility for anything in the middle. The tipping culture is also very unsubtle and in your face. This is just the reality of tourism there right now.

I had the most relaxing time outside the big cities. On safari looking for tigers was so pleasant in February. As was looking for birds in Bharatpur; that was one of my favorites and both my guide and driver went walking with me.

As an aside for kimkim, I was given no indication whatsoever as to when my payments for my trip were due. Accepting payment is about 50% of its purpose so I'd expect better. I also was conversing with someone different from my assigned "local specialist" 100% of the time. So perhaps make the assignment for a company instead of a person.

Overall this was an intense, exciting, overwhelming, exhausting experience. I got what I wanted and I suggest you be sure what you want before planning your trip.

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Priya Dikshit, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear Ronnie,
Thank you so much for putting your trip experience in words, I am glad that you are happy with our services, we have kept all your suggestions and really looking forward to see you in India once again.