Trip of a Lifetime!
Norway | May 24 - Jun 2, 2022

Alissa H.
San Jose, CA | Reviewed on Jun 16, 2022

I do not even know where to begin! When we first discovered the Lofoten Islands, we knew we had to get there but didn't know the first thing about how. Julia was incredibly helpful with mapping out the best way to get there and what to see. Her suggestion to see more than just the Lofoten Islands was so appreciated as we were able to explore so much more of northern Norway and see places we'd never heard of it nor would we have ever known about if it were not for Julia. We flew into Tromso and drove to Sommaroy for a night's stay at the wonderful Artic Hotel. Then we were off to Senja Island which was AMAZING! We stayed at the Hamn I Senja with the most incredible views. We were a little concerned about taking ferries but they turned out to be no issue--just make sure you get there early to avoid any anxiety. We didn't need tickets ahead of time except for the final ferry to Bodo from Moskenes. Staying in the Lofoten Islands was so wonderful as we go kayaked in Reine and explore the "big" city of Svolvaer. My only compliant is that we had to leave!

Local specialist: Julia Plaschke
Julia Plaschke
Local specialist in Kristiansand | Replied on Jul 21, 2022

Alissa, thank you so much for your review! I am so glad to hear that you had an amazing time and experience. Northern Norway is really beautiful and I am happy you got to make the most of your time here.
I wish you all the best