Ring Road - Sep 28 - Oct 5, 2017

Traveler: Angelica F. - Local specialist: Halldor Bjarkason

The overall trip was awesome and exactly what we wanted. We couldn't be happier with what we did and saw and the experience we had with kimkim.com. We would recommend the website to anyone.

Halldor was great to work with. He brought our vision to life and gave us exactly what we wanted. He kept our itinerary packed and got us to the most amazing, rarely seen places in Iceland. Thank you!

There was miscommunication on the ferry ride we were scheduled to take which resulted in us having to drive an additional 4 1/2 hours to get to our destination. However, because we drove, we got to see the Northern Lights which we may have missed had we been on the ferry, so in the end, we did not mind the drive.