The kindest people in the world surrounded by breathtaking nature
Indonesia | Oct 20 - Nov 4, 2022

Judith D.
Belgium | Reviewed on Nov 22, 2022

When thinking back on our adventures in Indonesia only superlatives come to my mind.
First attempts to make the itinerary were done via local Belgian travel agents. Very soon I found out that these lead to the same things over and over again. But then after googling some more I found KimKim. Never heard of them before but as huge US travel fans attracted by the fact they are HQ-ed in Chicago. after indicating our preferred destination and wishes we came in contact with Marc. oh gosh, this was a winner!! From the first moment Marc "listened" to our wishes and was thinking with us. The connection was there from the beginning and step by step he managed to set out the lines for our itinerary. I suppose there were times when he was pulling his hair because we wanted another change, another hotel ..... He never gave us the idea he was done with it, always there to adapt and to help.
We could reach him at any time before, during and after the trip. He is a true diamond for any organization so KimKim I can only advise you to take care of this one! Good team members don't come in easily and frequently.
along our trip we were in contact and taken care of by many locals. We have talked to them for hours as we love to meet the true culture and spirit of a country. They were all good and very helpful. the most knowledgeable was definitely Lucy how thought us many things and was always a nice company.
One person stood out of the many! Jerry, our guide and driver in Bali definitely deserves to be mentioned in person. He is a true jewel to the world. To us he was one of the reasons that our time in Bali will never be forgotten! He pampered us as if he knew us for years! He was always there to lean a helping hand and go the extra mile. He handled according to every of our wishes. Even after getting back home, he asked if we arrived safely. I'm sure we will stay in contact with him and hear about his lovely family.
Reflecting today there were so many things that stood out. Our main focus was nature. We were impressed every day by what each island has to offer. from Oeran-outangs over elephants to stunning sunrises, pink beaches and sunset dances by flying foxes!
We are more than grateful that we were among the happy people having the chance in life to discover this true paradise on earth.
Though our eyes and ears were spoiled on a daily basis what will stay forever as the deepest impression was the friendliness and kindness of the Indonesian people. No matter the island, no matter the religion .... they can teach the world on how to live together. We will never forget those smiles and helping hands.
Thanks to all that made this trip a memory for life!
For those that would love to see some pictures feel free to look on instagram/ judithdebrus

Local specialist: Marc Urban
Marc Urban
Local specialist in Bali | Reviewed on Dec 09, 2022

Dear Judith,

Thank you very much for your feedback and all the details; it was my pleasure to prepare the itinerary together and talk about it during your trip, but mostly it was great to get to know you and your family!

Keep in touch, and hopefully see you soon!

Best wishes,