I went to Chapada Diamantina to only find out that the real diamond is Nattrip ;)
Brazil | Apr 25 - Apr 29, 2021

Vicky V.
Brazil | May 05, 2021

To say that I am a hard person to organise something for would be an understatement :D
This wonderful team at Nattrip however managed to go with all my obligatory requests and last minute changes and created the best trip I could have wanted!
At one point I thought they will just leave me or start caring less about me and my trip due to the many demands, but no! They were on point till the last day!
From customer service, to hotel personal, restaurant staff in the city, guides, assistance during the trip, everything was 10/10 !!!
Chapada Diamantina has so much history and unbelievable nature that is just mesmerising. However the people who assist you along the way, make the trip as much as the destination visited, and I can happily say that this 4 day trip was probably one of the best I have had here in Brazil so far.
I will most definitely use their services again when I come back!
No matter what kind of demands you might have, this beautiful team consisting of brilliant people will surely assist you in making THE BEST trip you can around Brazil and you won't regret a single thing.
The best part, they take care of EVERYTHING! You just need to enjoy it ;)

Local specialist: Thalles Chaves
Thalles Chaves
Local specialist in Araruama | May 05, 2021

Vicky, we are so happy to read your review, your words are very important to us! Your photos and review of the trip are awesome. I'm sure other travelers will be motivated.

We always give our best to provide an incredible trip and promises to make it even better next time, that's why your feedback is highly appreciated. Count on us on any trip plan you need here in Brazil! We know you will be back.

Thanks a lot! See you next time.

Best Regards