Trip to Peru - Jul 25 - Aug 4, 2019

Traveler: Steve S. - Local specialist: Steve Wilson

When the weather is great and everything goes smoothly it’s easy to say the trip was great. The true test of a company is when there are problems and in this case Aspiring has really shown top marks. My 9 year old daughter became severely ill and Aldo, Mayli and Katie immediately reacted with not just practical assistance but the emotional support we required to care for our baby. They provided a doctor at our hotel at a critical point and provided excellent assistance to find treatment and navigate the Peruvian health care system and travel insurance process. The fact that despite all the issues we have faced in the last 48 hours we cannot speak highly enough of the guides and company should speak volumes. We have been treated like family and as a frequent world traveler this company gets it and knows how and when to support both the newby world traveler and the salty veteran. If you are on the fence with a provider look no farther, these are the folks to trust. I should mention before the illness we had a wonderful trip and are so disappointed we could not take the next stage to the Amazon. Aspiring has earned a life long advocate.

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Steve Wilson, local specialist, responded to this review:

Steve, Steve here! I wasn't involved with the last couple of days of your trip, but I heard about it - the whole ground team plus Katy were all about it! I really appreciate you taking the time to recognise their good work. I know they all really appreciated your family's demeanour both before and during poor Gracie's illness, and would love to see you again sometime... I think you should finish what you started, and get to the Amazon!

Seriously, thanks for being great travelers and great people. Cheers, Steve