Norway Adventure - Jul 22 - Aug 1, 2017

Traveler: Michelle F. - Local specialist: Linda Veråsdal

I absolutely love every minute of my planned trip through Linda! Even though it was done online and we did not verbally talk, I felt she communicated so clearly and well with me through her writing as if I was there. Any questions asked, she answered them. She also made bullet points for me as I had asked -- to make the itinerary more clear for me to scan over the needed accommodations of what I needed to cover, especially since there was so many things I was to do. I can tell she took a lot of time and effort into planning my trip. I gave her my budget and she accommodated to trying to stick with my budget. I cannot express how thankful I am with the detailed events, down to the train times and clear directions. Every day was to the spot clear. As a solo traveler, I felt very much at ease. She even called the Trolltunga hotel to make sure I was okay. I am just very VERY impressed with the process, especially since I am myself an Airbnb host and have a background in outdoor recreation planning. Its hard work with what she did and I appreciate every minute of it.

As mentioned in my last comment, I felt like Linda was a friend, answering all of my many questions. I felt like she was right there with me in Norway! Love her services so much, I do plan on attending the Nepal Yoga Retreat she had mentioned . I have been making recommendations to others about her service. I mean she even asked me at the end if I am home safe -- in not so many words. Thank you Linda. I offered to give her a tip via paypal and she declined. Amaaaazing person she is!