Eighteen-day trip to Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro.
Croatia | May 27 - Jun 13, 2024

Ronald M.
San Jose, CA | Reviewed on Jun 16, 2024

It is impossible to answer what were our most memorable places, activities or people we interacted with on our trip. Why? Because in 18 days we traveled to three countries (Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro). Ten cities/towns/areas in Croatia, two in Bosnia & Herzegovina and one in Montenegro. Every day, every place, every experience from drivers to tours & guides, to hotels & personnel, to restaurants & staff, and everyone and thing in between was amazing. The people of these places in Eastern Europe are so genuine and real it absolutely warms your heart and makes you want to embrace them in every way you can. Working with Antonia in planning our sojourn to Sara, who watched over us every day, was a perfect experience. This was not just a trip or vacation; it was an enlightened education and life experience.

Local specialist: Antonia LjuĊĦtina