Kathmandu, Nepal - Oct 9 - Oct 13, 2018

Traveler: Marlynn R. - Local specialist: Mads Mathiasen

Overall experience was good. There was one time it took almost 3 days to hear back from Mads regarding what gear I should bring on the trek so I had to wait to know if I needed to buy anything or bring anything that I didn't have on my list. My 2 guides is Nepal were great -- Dawa and Prathicksha. Both were knowledgeable about the areas they took me. The best part of the trek was being on the trails. The worst part was trekking on the roads, especially the 30 minute walk when it was hot and dusty and trucks were coming and going from Panauti to the trail we turned off at the rice fields (past Khopasi village).

I would say be leery of going to the Herb Nepal Farm overnight -- the experience was great, so was the food, but I got a small abrasion on the front of my right shin there going up the narrow stairway in my cabin and ended up having surgery to cut out the infection and then came home early so did not go to Bhutan for 12 days as planned, and landed in PDX in the emergency room for continued care of my infection which will take a long time to heal.

It turned out I got the bacteria acinetobacter, which the infectious disease doctor said in Portland was rare and that bacteria is mostly found in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, so he was surprised this bacteria showed up in Nepal. Just something to be aware of if you have other clients you are taking to that area -- they cannot get even a small scratch on them or cut or it may turn serious.

I should not let my injury deter my experience as I enjoyed my whole trek overall.

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Mads Mathiasen, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear Marlynn, that is terrible that the infection turned so bad, never heard of this bacteria before, really strange. Too bad you had to cancel you trip to Bhutan but at least there is something to come back for :-) Very happy to hear you did enjoy your time trekking and seeing Kathmandu with us. Thanks for the feedback. Kind regards. Mads