Trip to ecuador, Ecuador - Dec 24 - Jan 7, 2018

Traveler: Aryeh C. - Local specialist: Gabor Csizmadia

Great trip! Gabor was extremely communicative and receptive and helpful in planning the Honeymoon of our dreams. There was a portion of time when some other man, Rune, was helping us, and he was awful.

On our end, we should have asked more questions about how long each car ride was going to be - we are not really car people and should have anticipated that getting around would take a while.

Our guide, Dario, was fantastic. He always arrived on time. He knew the answers to most, if not all, of our questions. He found a good balance between interacting with us and giving us space, and he was extremely kind and generous. We could not have asked for a better guide.

In the Galapagos, we had a terrible guide, so terrible that we ended up paying for an Airbnb that we never actually stayed in. He must not have checked his messages or been so organized because we sent him all details, including the address, of where we needed to stay in each night, and he just didn't have the information with him. It got to be late on the Island, and we ended up spending money on a hotel that cost $70 per night (we stayed two nights) while paying an additional $140 for an Airbnb that we never got to stay in. This was very frustrating. Another issue that happened was when he gave us his USD card to download some photos that he took of us. The minute we put them on the computer, naked photos of him and his partner came up on the screen. While we really appreciated the photos he took of us, we were not happy with what was presented to us on the screen.

Reflecting back, the Jungle and the Galapagos were the two most memorable places. We enjoyed the climate, the people, the food and the general atmosphere. The other places were nice too but the highs of the trip were the Jungle and the Galapagos.

No one really communicated with us about the potential for altitude sickness at Cotopaxi, and we had a hard time going from lower altitude to higher altitude - up and down and up and down - it did a number on my husband's body. In the future, we would do fewer places for more days. But again, this is no way the fault of KimKm, just our own way of going about planning.

Really amazing trip.