Kimkim does make things much easier, but it's...
Colombia | Dec 26 - Jan 3, 2020

Hannah K.
Brazil | Jan 07, 2020

Kimkim does make things much easier, but it's not the best option if you want to save money.

For flights and hotels, we saved more than $500 booking everything on our own.

Cartagena was great and it's the place I would have spent more time.

The guide in Medellin was awesome and explained everything we saw and asked about!

However, the guide in Bogotá was quite different. His English wasn't very good so it wasn't very easy to communicate. Perhaps this was the reason why he didn't explain much of the things we were looking at during the tour. He'd just say that X thing was the most important. There was a moment where I asked about Monteserrate and he gave the wrong timeframe of the photo I was referring to.

When we went to the Gold Museum, he took us only to see basically 2 things which he said were the most important and didn't explain anything about why they were important.

We stopped by to grab a bite and agua de panela at La Puerta de la Cadetral and we paid for his food as well (which I didn't know we were paying for). He took the receipt after I paid.

The tour included Museo Botero, but we walked pass by it and didn't stop.

The tour was supposed to last 8 hours, but he said we were done a bit after 1 PM.

Local specialist: Chio Tabakman
Chio Tabakman
Local specialist in Bogotá | Jan 07, 2020

Hi Hannah, how are you?

Thank you so much for your feedback and of course, we will look into what happened with the guide in Bogotá to make sure it doesn't occur again. For us is very important that our travelers feels that they enjoyed the experience fully and know they have people looking out for them!

It was my pleasure assisting you during your time in Colombia,