Trip to Greece - Jul 29 - Aug 6, 2019

Traveler: Eryn K. - Local specialist: Dimitris Zografos

Dimitris was such an excellent resource. I had many questions and emailed him A LOT. Every time I asked about my trip, Dimitris he always got back to me immediately with a reply. He was so helpful before and during our trip. We were 100% satisfied with his service.

When we arrived in Athens, our itinerary was a little tough at first. Since we arrived on a red-eye flight only sleeping a few hours, the morning/afternoon tour of the Acropolis grounds and museum was a little long for us, and it was very hot. The tour was very good and the sites were out of this world! We loved the hotel in Athens – Acropolis Hill.

Taking the ferry to Naxos was also a little rough. I think I would have preferred to fly between the islands, if I were to ever to return to Greece again. There are very long lines for the ferries and it was hard to handle all of the luggage with my daughter.

Naxos was out FAVORITE destination. It was such a great vibe for us. We loved the family friendly atmosphere. There were a lot of children (my daughter actually met a new friend also staying out our hotel). We loved the hotel in Naxos – Liana Hotel and Spa. It was an excellent location and the staff was really helpful. The hotel is beautiful and right on the beach. Everything was within walking distance.

Our paddle-boarding trip was a disaster. I love to go paddleboarding, so I was looking forward to this activity. We basically went to a place that had windsurfing (and I think for the times that there is no wind they offer paddle boarding). I would not recommend windsurfing for novices like us. Windsurfing is something that requires a lot of coordination and skill, and it is not something that people can just pick up in a morning. Moreover, since we wanted to go paddleboarding, it was a little frustrating because paddle boarding is NO FUN if it is very windy. We had fun, though. We basically beached out paddle boards and walked around the area. It was a beautiful part of the island to explore.

Speaking of disasters, the ferry trip from Naxos to Santorini was a complete disaster. The ferry was nearly 2 hours late. We had to wait in the hot sun. I felt like cattle getting loaded on and off of the ferry. Since we were so late to arrive in Santorini, we didn’t have a ride arranged. It took us nearly 2 hours to get to our hotel after our ferry arrive. The travel took almost the entire day – a day wasted. I would have much preferred to fly to Santorini so we could have enjoyed our time better.

The hotel in Santorini was also very nice. We definitely expected more of a party vibe and that is what we got. The location of the hotel was very convenient to many restaurants – they were also very helpful to help us plan our excursions.

The best activity on our trip was the Santorini Sea Kayaking. This was such an excellent experience. They really know how to guide a large group and make it a lot of fun. We got a serious adventure, and also got to see the red sand and white sand beaches. This was the best trip for our entire vacation.

Thank you very much for making such fantastic arrangements for our trip! We will definitely use Kim Kim again for another adventure!