Go To Peru, You Won't Regret a Moment
Peru | Apr 28 - May 5, 2023

Scott J.
Manhattan, NY | Reviewed on May 18, 2023

It's taken me a week to recover from my vacation, but it was worth every moment.

We were well taken care of by the Jess and the KimKim team during set up. All of our guides and drivers in Peru with the were incredible and punctual as hell. If our flight changed numbers before we arrived, we were contacted. When it seemed a guide was running late, we had three different people in correspondence with us over it, and still got where we were going in great time.

Biggest shout outs to Daniel at SkyLodge/Ziplining and Edwin from our Machu Picchu/Aztek Trail trips for openly keeping my 70 year old father alive doing activities that may have been outside his capabilities. All guides made sure he still got an incredible experience and they took incredible care of all of us. Adjustments were made and we're grateful for every single second.

Word to the wise, the Ziplining/Via Ferrata has a child climbing on its website, which I think deceived us as to the intensity of this hike. This was a next-level climb up a mountain. Vertical cliffs, metal bars, a "bridge" that was two cords over a valley. We were caught a little off guard, but that's on us for not doing a deeper research dive on the hike.

I could have spent days just at the Mountain View lodge and restaurant.

And finally, I can't go without mentioning that my guides, Miracle and Edwin got a CAKE UP TO THE TOP OF A GLACIER LAKE for me for my 39th Birthday. Incredibly special and grateful for all the special touches.

Thanks to everyone. Can I go back now?

Local specialist: Jessica Danker
Jessica Danker
Local specialist in New York City | Replied on May 19, 2023

It was great hosting your family! The guides had great things to say about the time they spent with you all. We hope that you can visit again soon. Thank you!