Iceland Road Warriors
Iceland | Oct 22 - Oct 31, 2022

Barry G.
Dublin, CA | Reviewed on Nov 02, 2022

Overall, the planning and support by Eva of Iceland Untouched was terrific. We had a small hiccup in that the airport transfer for one of two couples on arrival never showed due to a travel agent miscommunication, but was remedied quickly. If there were any complaints, I would say there was very little down time. We were constantly moving in a hurry to keep on schedule. Because the days were planned around our ability to stay in certain hotels, when one hotel was unavailable, the driving went from 4 hs to 5 1/2 hrs on one day, which was very difficult.

Generally, our guides were excellent, except for one: Ricky, of Glacier Adventures, for our Ice Cave Expedition. He was always in a hurry (our hike from the van to the cave was done at a far faster than needed or normal pace) and he was void of personality. We were the last ones to check in at the facility because we had a 1 1/2 hour drive under normal conditions, but because of the hotel change, we had to leave the hotel well before sunrise and travel on icy roads, which slowed us down considerably. When we were boarding the van to depart Base Camp for the cave, my wife asked if she had time to use the restroom before departure. Ricky appeared irritated and anxious to leave. His response was ok, but there's always the river. My wife, sensing his desire to be on the road, climbed aboard. The ensuing expedition was not very comfortable for her.

If we were to do it again, we would work to limit the amount of driving and build in time each day for some relaxation, instead of always being in a rush.

Local specialist: Eva Sigurðardóttir